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[LOG] Pyro Granny visits the Internet

WHO: Miwa Saitou, Hideo Aratami, Tatsuya Suou, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji)
WHERE: Sumaru, Konan Ward
WHEN: Saturday, September 4th, 2009
WHAT: Three Seven Sisters High students meet a sweet old lady. But could there be more to her than meets the eye?! (Yeah.)
WATCH FOR: Tatsuya's death glare solves all problems, Hideo accidentally saves the day, Miwa dooms the Internet

Sumaru - Konan Ward

Placed at the southernmost end of Sumaru, this part of town is where the river that runs through Sumaru ends, leading into the ocean. Hardly a fishing harbor-centric district, various circumstances have turned it into a rather well-rounded community.
For being so close to the ocean, urban congestion is having its way with the Konan area. Already, numerous apartment buildings have been erected to face the outward ocean as a means of attracting would-be tenants. An old industrial district is quickly giving way to residential and commercial interests, such as a museum dedicated to aircraft. A nearby mall takes advantage of the close proximity to the beach, with a nearby police department conveniently located to attempt to discourage criminal activity in the area.
Property values here were low for many years due to fears of the area being vulnerable to typhoon damage. Many took the gamble, leading to what one sees today. Yet, people are always on edge that there's some disaster just waiting to happen around here.

It's just another day in Sumaru, with the sun shining, the streets busy as usual, students cheerfully ending their first half-week of class, and pyro grannies running amok.

Wait, what?

Even the elderly have no reason to be grumpy today! Slowly making their way out of an apartment building is an old woman with a bright red sundress, a large silly-looking orange hat and a pair of sunglasses. She has a walker with her, but she might give the impression that it's just for show-- she carries herself unusually straight, not leaning onto it very much at all. She's the kooky lady Tatsuya and Miwa have met before, and, some whisper, the one the rumors call "Pyro Granny".

She pauses in front of the open door letting the fresh air in, hesitatingly. She puts her hand up in the air, as if pressing her palm against some invisible wall. To her apparent surprise, however, her hand moves forward completely unimpeded. She takes a second to ponder this development, but eventually smiles, and begins making her way out.

Look out, town, 'cause here comes grandma!

After class today, Miwa had hung out at the Lotus Plaza in Rengedai with some friends, celebrating the end of the first week of school. This was the final semester; after the winter break in a few months it'd be a straight run right into /final/ exams, and then... well, college entrance exams. No rest for the weary!

Right now, she's heading home, still dressed (of course!) in the Sevens senior uniform. Home, though, is in Konan, in the Dear City Elegance complex, which... is a block or two past the building she's approaching: the Tanaka building. Site of the Arson, and home of /pyro granny/.

It's hard to miss the old lady, dressed as brightly as a fire engine. Miwa stops as the elderly woman heads out of the building, her breath catching in her throat, and stares.
Is that--yes, it has to be. That grandmother who wasn't a grandmother, who was... some sort of spirit, maybe. Shadows only came out in the Dark Hour or at night, right?

Miwa remains still a few moments longer, her green eyes tracking the granny's progress. For a moment, she contemplates turning another way. But, at the same time, doesn't she have a responsibility to do something, with this power? And what if she burns something like the rumors said?
Swallowing her trepidation, the Sevens senior approaches, warily. Slowing when she closes in on the old woman, she begins, attempting a friendly smile, "Hello, ma'am, how are you doing today?" Maybe... maybe she can convince the spirit to leave.

Sumaru has more to watch out for than the rumored 'Pyro Granny' since Hideo Aratami is out and about today! He's swerving down the sidewalks of the city on a bicycle, bell ringing loud and often as the sidewalks are packed with people. Why isn't he riding in the road where he ought to be!?

"'scuse me, pardon me, ding ding!" the first year student shouts as he barrels down the street, completely oblivious to both Miwa and Granny... though they'll hardly be obvlious to him in a second, watch out!

Though Tatsuya Suou would rather not consider things like 'final exams' or 'college entrance exams', the truth of the matter is that there are other people who are very interested in him succeeding at both; in addition to his older brother, who is /relatively/ easy to avoid, there's also the more troublesome troublemaker, Saeko-sensei.

And whenever she's at Seven Sisters, he can't avoid her in the least. Any time he turns around, she's there, lurking. Watching. Waiting. She's almost as bad as Lisa Silverman in that.

At the moment, then, Suou is in the process of avoiding as many people as he possibly can, by the simple expedient of riding around on his motorcycle. In addition to helping him avoid things he'd rather not deal with, riding around also clears Suou's head, allowing him to consider other problems. Like how he needs to track down Hanamura, for one, and find out what was up with 'Kunai no Phoenix' attacking him like that.

The actual arsons is another thing he's thinking about, but that at least he's considering in a more 'amateur detective' fashion.

It's while doing this that Tatsuya first spots Miwa, a slight frown crossing his face behind his motorcycle helmet, and then a heartbeat later, he spots the Pyro Granny, too. "Tch," mutters the red-clad youth, and he moves to pull up by the side of the road where the confrontation is building.

But will he be in time?!

Granny smiles her sweetest but somehow oh-so-unsettling smile as she sees Miwa approach. "Ooooooh, why, hello, sweetie. You're that friend of my grandson's, aren't you? I'm doing quite well, thank you. I was out for a walk, enjoying the summer heat. Don't you think it's quite amazing?" She looks up at the sun, looking at it straight. It's all right! She's got sunglasses, and it's not like she can go any more blind than she is right now!

Staring at the sun is still not a good idea no matter who or what you are, however. It distracts you from incoming maniacs biking on the crowded sidewalk. For shame! While Miwa might have no problem getting out of the way, it's another story entirely for an elderly woman whose reflexes aren't what they used to be!

So she remains frozen in shock, once the biking boy gets close enough to crash into her, causing her to... remain frozen in shock. You know, those thought exercises about an unstoppable force meeting an unmovable object? It's a lot like that. Her walker, which took most of the impact, is a little bent, but she doesn't look any bit the worse for wear, serenely looking at the presumably fallen boy. "Oh, are you okay, dear? Why, why, kids these days, always in such a rush."

She shakes her head, giving a little laugh and paying no further mind to the pain Hideo must be in right now. This is the moment Tatsuya chooses to arrive, catching the very, very strange grandmother's attention. "Oh, and here's your other friend. Are you two going out together? Why, back in my day, my husband-- my husband-to-be at the time, haha-- that was when we were back your age, although I don't think your school was built back then-- or was it? I think that was before the war-- anyway, my husband and I..."

She doesn't seem to be hostile right now, but Miwa might be in even greater danger than Tatsuya thought! She's got DEADLY meandering stories to tell!

"Ah, Ichimonji-san, that's good to hear..." Miwa's smile wavers, slightly, remembering how the elderly woman had parted ways the last time. There was no way... she was a normal human being, right? This was the same woman, she'd seen flames shoot from her pocket, and she'd transformed into a match.
Which means, she's one of the spirits she'd read so much about! And also meant that extreme care had to be taken to... convince her to go back from whence she came, or whatever. Darn, if only she remembered off-hand what to do with elementals... "It certainly is warm, isn't it? It's a shame it'll be getting cold s--"

All the warning Miwa gets is a the ringing of a bike bell behind her, and the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end in apparent warning. A little inelegantly, she hurriedly sidesteps towards the building, darting out of the way of the oncoming bike.

She turns, glancing back, expecting to see a fallen grandmother/fire elemental/djinn/whatever, and instead sees... well, that hardly even made a dent in her walker. Turning, again, as she almost blindly senses someone else closing in, she's surprised to once again see Tatsuya. "S-Suou-san...?" she stammers, only to turn beet-red at the insinuation that she and he are an item. She waves her hands in front of herself and shakes her head furiously. "Oh, no no no, no, we're, I'm not--it's not like that, please!" Not that, if things were a little different, maybe, she'd mind terribly, but...

"Pardon me!" Hideo shouts to Miwa and Shiki's grandma as he careens down the sidewalk. Except... they aren't moving. "Hey! Excuse me! Outta the way! Move move move MOVE MOVE!" With a terrible crash, bicycle collides with walker and both fall to the ground. The rider, on teh other hand, suffers from a nasty case of inertia and keeps going forward, flipping over in midair and -- for a brief moment -- making eye contact with Miwa as he does so, eyes wide with surprise. A second later he's tumbling down the sidewalk, finally coming to a halt some ten feet away when he knocks over a trash can.

Luckily, the trash within is properly bagged and does not make an enormous mess of the sidewalk and inadvertant bowling ball.

"Hmm," says Tatsuya as he watches Hideo fly through the air in the aftermath of the accident, but he doesn't really know the kid and, more importantly, has bigger issues to focus on, like what the heck is going on with this crazy and possibly pyrokinetic 'granny'. So he's going to have to assume Hideo can take care of himself in the meantime, turning his attention back to Miwa and the granny.

Lucky for him though, he's well concealed behind his motorcycle helmet, so none of his alarm or possible embarassment at the suggestion that he and Saitou are together shows, beyond a slight stiffening of his shoulders in alarm. "No," Tatsuya says, firmly and dismissively of the very concept, because he is nothing if not incredibly sensitive, with a deft diplomatic touch that keeps other people's feelings from being hurt.

"What are you doing?" Tatsuya then directs at the granny, because he's still pretty sure she's something completely unnatural and, again, he's not much of a soft touch in conversation.

The grandmother(?) just keeps droning on while Miwa and Tatsuya deny their dating each other. No matter what they may do, the two are now subjected to a boring and incomprehensible ramble about Granny's younger, faster-paced days! Oh, the horror!

That is, until she suddenly pauses, lowering her sunglasses. Those eyes! It's those same unsettlingly golden-irised eyes they saw before! She stares in front of her, at a point of the sidewalk where there is absolutely nothing to see-- but that doesn't mean she doesn't. "Oh yes, really? Now? How exciting!"

Her wild-eyed stare returns to normal a second later, the moment she chooses to put her glasses back on. She looks at Tatsuya and Miwa, in turn. "I /was/ only out taking a walk, but I've decided to do something a little less predictable. You dears, would you kindly heed this old woman's request? What is 'hot'? What is it that young people are into these days? Show me! Take me to your Dweebers and Case-books, your Life-journals and My-places!" Wait, does she mean the internet?

Either way, she seems to share her grandson(?)'s ability to drag other people into going at her own pace, as, back on her walker, she cheerfully but oh-so-slowly heads off. If not kept in check, who knows what she could do? She walks past the fallen Hideo, still remaining apparently oblivious to his predicament. "Oh, young man, will you be joining us as well?" She only turns to look at him for a second before continuing on her way.

And Hideo's down. Everyone who didn't see that coming, raise your hands. Perhaps thankfully for the Sevens underclassman, his sempai is right there to bend over and offer him a hand up. At least he didn't crash into the garbage can, right? There could have been an explosion of trash! "Are you all right?" Miwa asks, clearly concerned.

Tatsuya earns a sidelong glance as she stammers a reply. Cool as usual, huh... Still, her denials don't seem to have slowed granny down any, and she's really getting into talking about the good old days when she was--can fire spirits even /do/ that?

But she calms down. In a manner of speaking. It's just a trade-off of one somewhat embarrassing subject for one that's much more alarming. "H-hot?" Miwa stammers, thinking of only one thing: fire. But, no, it appears she means it in the other sense, like-- "Like, um, the internet?" the senior hazards. What does she want with the internet? "Well, I think there's a cafe--wait, Ichimonji-san! Where are you going?"
Granny's shuffle off yonder has Miwa in frantic pursuit. At least if she keeps her where she can see her, she can... deal with her and stop her from setting anything important on fire. Hopefully.

"Th-thanks, Saitou-sempai," Hideo says as the upperclassman helps him to his feet. Unfortunately, Miwa is hot on Old Woman Ichimonji's heels as the old woman toddles down the street and it leaves the poor first year with no hand holds when he's still a little off-balance. He falls back into the trash can with another crash and it's another moment more before he's finally back on his feet, picking up his poor, abused bicycle and following after the trio.

"Did somebody say the Internet? I love the Internet!" he replies when invited along on this little expedition. As an afterthought he says, "It's nice to meet you, ma'am, I'm Hideo Aratami," to the Pyro Granny. He's heard the rumors of her existance, of course, but he doesn't know that this particular granny is the granny of legends.

Clearly, the old woman isn't really listening to their denials anyway. Tatsuya frowns, still behind his motorcycle helmet, and lets out a faint 'hmph' of what might be annoyance. His attempts to get to the bottom of the Pyro Granny's intentions are similarly less than wholly effective, as she instead goes off on a tangent about... What young people are 'in to', these days. Tilting his head slightly to one side, Suou might be confused - with his face completely hidden, it's difficult to tell - but after a moment he gives his head a rueful shrug.

Particularly since Miwa and Hideo, who to Tatsuya is just 'some kid', are going along with her.

Slightly irritated, Tatsuya realises he doesn't have much in the way of options besides leaving two apparently defenseless normal humans to the mercies of... Whatever the granny /is/, so he creeps alongside them, riding his Soejima motorcycle at what might as well be a bare crawl on the street beside their sidewalk.


"Yes, yes, those interwebs!" The old woman nods at Miwa vigorously before heading off. Is she following some kind of sixth sense, or just heading in the direction she thinks is likeliest to be interesting?

Either way, the cafe idea Miwa proposes seems to intrigue the old lady. "Oh, you mean one of those newfangled computer machine cafes? Why, sweetie, I would love to sear-- to see it!" That must have just been a slip of her tongue. At Hideo's question, she gives a chuckle and a smile. "You seem like a good boy, dear. People usually call me Ichimonji-obasan, but you can call me Big Sis if you like." She proceeds to strike a seductive pose.


Once everyone has recovered from near-blindness and Tatsuya has ridden his motorcycle at grandma-speed for a mile or two, the group finds itself inside the Seaside Mall, in front of the Net Cafe With No Name. No, seriously, it's what it's called. It's all avant-garde and stuff!

"I'm very thankful you were such dears and brought me here, but I think this is where we'll be parting ways. Thank you for being so nice to an old woman like me! It's always so invigorating spending time with such blazing youths. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a fever and money to burn..." And she heads in. Wait, wait, does she even know how to operate a computer?!

There's a smile and a nod before Miwa's hand slips from his and she turns away. Sorry about that, Hideo, but your sempai has a pyromaniac spirit to chase after! Surely he's capable of taking care of himself from here!

...Miwa can only stare, blankly, at the older woman. That was terrible. If she didn't already know that Ichimonji's grandmother was a terrible fire demon, she'd /definitely/ believe she was quite senile now. "I-Ichimonji-obasan, ah, are you all right?" Unspoken is the addendum, 'in the head'. And yep, she's switched honorifics, maybe to try and help her /remember/ she's supposed to be an old lady.

The trip after that is remarkably, mercifully uneventful. "This is the net cafe here, Ichimonji-obasan," Miwa says, gesturing towards the building. "Do you need any..." She trails off. Granny has, indeed, entered the building. "..." the senior breathes, staring over at the door that's just swung shut. "...Excuse me." This is towards Tatsuya and Hideo, as she hurries in after.

Hideo locks his bike at the rack outside of the mall, which is already perilously full thanks to all of the students coming here after school. "Actually, Big Sis, I was heading in as well!" he says cheerfully to the elder Ichimonji. "I've gotta check my mail and see if anyone wrote back to me." The numerous slips of the tongue and fire puns go right over the poor boy's head.

A glance is given to Miwa as she hurries into the mall as well. "Oh, do you have some errands here as well, Saitou-sempai?" he asks. A glance is given to Tatsuya as well-- he's never met the other upperclassman, but there are /plenty/ of rumors of him flying around Seven Sisters. Thankfully he missed Ichimonji-obasan suggesting he and Miwa were in a relationship, or Hideo would be in full choking-on-a-cupcake mode should the elder boy come into the mall as well.

When the Pyro Granny strikes a 'seductive' pose, the sheer force of Tatsuya's horror and mute disbelief practically radiates through his red and black motorcycle helmet, obliviating any concealing effects of the full facemask in hiding either of these emotions. It's just... Oh, oh wow. That was just wrong, you know? Completely, utterly, horribly wrong.

Suou tastes a little bit of bile at the back of his throat.

The silent, if horrifically slow, ride to the mall is a relief, and once they get there, the tall teenager finally parks his bike, clambering off of it and removing his helmet after pocketing the keys; he hangs the helmet on the motorcycle's handlebars, and turns towards the others...

Right in time for them all to rush inside.

A faint sigh escapes Tatsuya, and the upperclassman grits his teeth as he follows the others in, pulling his lighter out to give the lid a quick flick, open and closed. If Hideo is calling Miwa 'senpai', then he probably goes to Sevens, too... Which means that he, too, is Tatsuya's 'responsibility', after a fashion. Suou's life never gets any easier. Only harder.

The gang will find, inside, the old woman in deep conversation with the front desk clerk. "--m telling you, each of these computers has a firewall. It's a security measure, you'll understand." "Oh, that's terrible, the world we live in today. How did it even come to this?" She leaves the confused clerk, looking disappointed, but something catches her attention.

The three rushing in, if they're quick, will be in a perfect position to spot a very peculiar sight indeed. A tiny thing, a foot-tall redhaired man in green with a clover-bearing hat, cheerfully gestures to one of the computers near the entrance. Yup, a genuine leprechaun by all accounts. For some reason, the other customers don't seem to even notice it despite the fact that the tiny man sticks out like a sore thumb.

The leprechaun's presence, however, is very short-lived, as he spots the three entering, gives a look of surprise, and promptly vanishes. What was that all about...? Granny (not Big Sis!), possibly by /complete coincidence/, makes her way towards that particular computer, and sits down at it, not noticing that the three teens followed her in.

"Well, I was thinking she could use some help getting situated, Aratami-kun," Miwa replies, before turning to head after the wayward granny. Well, it's true! Mostly. Minus the bit about 'making sure she doesn't burn the place down'. She does eye her underclassman a bit critically, though. ...Oh dear, he's coming, too. Briefly, she touches her fingers to the choker at her throat, and makes a silent prayer for good luck.
No such concern for Tatsuya, though. She /knows/ he can take care of himself.

Miwa is quite likely the first one in the door. Thus, she quickly spots the little man in green, stopping dead in the doorway the moment her eyes fall on him. A little man in green, where had she read about it--oh! Just as she remembers what that would be in folklore, from what Shiki had said, it vanishes, right before her eyes.
Making for the computer the grandmother's aiming to settle herself in at, Miwa approaches, smiling kindly, and folds her hands in front of you. "Ah, I was thinking, Ichimonji-obasan, would you like me to help you? Using a computer can be so hard sometimes."

Hideo seems to be completely oblivious to the presense of the leprechaun, perhaps because his head is turned to continue chatting amicably with Ichimonji-obasan. It's mostly noncommital "uh-huhs" with regards to how much more interesting life was sixty years ago when the old woman wasn't quite so old and was a bit more womanly. Perhaps it will help distract the poor old lady from sitting down at the computer that the Irish sprite was gesturing at so cheerfully!

Of course, if old woman Ichimonji IS successfully distracted by the combined efforts of Hideo and Miwa, the underclassman may very well sit at that computer himself since it's so conveniently RIGHT THERE.

Besides, Tatsuya doesn't believe in 'luck' anyway; he probably wouldn't appreciate the concern in the first place.

He follows with a quickness, and is only a heartbeat behind Miwa and Hideo as they make their way through the door after the old lady; he's close enough to notice, at least, the disappearing /leprechaun/, which elicits a look of consternation from the tall highschooler. The tall part helped, as he could see over the other two students' heads pretty easily, all things considered.

"What the..." Suou mutters. Something weird is going on here; weirder than it already was, to be honest, but at this point Tatsuya has little to do but go along for the ride.

Grandma Ichimonji seems a little surprised to see the trio appear, seeming less than thrilled at first but quickly getting back into her sweet old lady demeanor. Hideo being so willing to listen to her stories certainly helps a lot.

And then there's Miwa, who's just so helpful! "Why, that's so very kind of you, sweetie! Then can you teach me how to... what was it, again... ah, yes, 'flame noobs'? I believe that's what young people do on computers these days, right?"

She sits at a computer, not the one the leprechaun was indicating, but the one right next to it. Oddly enough, though Hideo will soon find out that the computer he just sat at, which was pointed earlier, will just not boot right! Indeed, several warnings pop up onscreen, urging him to call a technician.

Meanwhile, Granny Ichimonji remains oblivious to this, her own computer booting up just fine. The leprechaun, however, makes a second appearance, briefly poking his head out from behind the monitor of Hideo's own computer, but perhaps not from an angle where he might very well see it.

Could he be caught? Maybe he's got Lucky Charms?!

Miwa looks nonplussed. 'Flame noobs'? Who's been talking to granny here, anyway--oh, right. It's hard, oddly, to keep in mind she's /not/ just a crazy old lady, and instead some sort of weird flame spirit. "...Oh, no, not at all, Ichimonji-obasan," she says after a beat, deciding to play along with the granny's persona for now. "We talk to friends online! See, let me show you..."
Miwa leans over, her attention on the computer the old woman's at. No leprechaun sightings for her! She points at the screen. "Um, first, click there, on that icon. That should start up the browser!"

"Oh, if you want to flame noobs you should check out Darkside of Sumaru, there's this guy named T-A who-- aw, man, hold on a second." Hideo frowns at the error messages on his screen. "What a pain. How do you reboot this thing, is it control alt enter...?" He enters a few keystrokes at random, then gives the monitor a solid, open-palmed thwack, since everyone knows the monitor is where all the sensitive electronics that respond to percussive maintenance are.

Incidentally, his hand swings towards the screen at the exact same moment the leprechaun's head pops out from around the side.

Meanwhile, Tatsuya keeps lurking in the background, for the moment, watching with his arms folded across his chest. He doesn't notice the return of the leprechaun either, not yet at least, with his attention mostly focused on the Pyro Granny and her repeated allusions to fire.

Seriously, that's weird.

"Oh." The old lady seems a little bit... disappointed to learn that there will be no flaming going on. That should be expected from a fire elemental, or... well, whatever the hell she is. She does somehow manage, however, to follow Miwa's instructions without setting the computer ablaze.

For elderly people, even the actually human non-pyromaniac ones, this is actually kind of a feat.

She perks up as she's told that she can talk to friends online, however. "Oh, then maybe I can say hello to my grandson, then!" There is absolutely nothing in the world more terrifying, by the way, than recieving an IM from your dead grandma. Even though she doesn't say anything, she also seems to take in Hideo's suggestion with great interest.

The leprechaun has no time to dodge Hideo's spontaneous act of hardware abuse. The first year might notice his hand hitting something soft on the way, but since the hit sent the unusually-light being flying a few feet to the side, he might not see a thing once he actually checks. The leprechaun, meanwhile, skids to a halt, hitting one of the computers a few seats over with a thud that attracts a bit of attention, which is quickly lost when /filthy normies/ fail to see anything unusual. The gnomish being looks dazed, and the computer in question doesn't even have anyone seated at it! Possible opportunity!

"Yes, you could do that. Let me show you, here." Miwa's already pointing out the IM client icon on the computer, when it occurs to her, you know, if she's some sort of fire spirit masquerading as his grandmother, then her sending a message to Shiki would be...
It'd be awkward.

Straightening, she moves a hand to hover over her junior's shoulder. "Aratami-kun, don't--" She's too late to stop him from hitting the monitor which doesn't even belong to him and if he breaks it he'll be in so much trouble. She does notice something else, though, something beside the rather solid thud on the electronic equipment. Miwa straightens, peering about the equipment. "...What was that?" Moving away from pyro granny, she heads off to investigate. It sort of seems like something's over there!

This, at least, draws Tatsuya's attention away from the old lady. The noise and the thud, they cause Suou's gaze to turn in that direction, and he unfolds his arms to stalk over that way, leaning forward a bit curiously as he draws closer. "Hmm," he says, settling down on the chair in front of that computer, unless Miwa manages to stop him.

Of course, Tatsuya's next move is to reach for the dazed leprechaun, aiming to grab it and pick it up, his intent to hold it right in front of his face.

And then he's going to /glare/ at it.

Hideo blinks as the sensation of hitting the monitor is a lot fleshier than he expected it to be. "Huh, that's weird," he mumbles, standing up to peer over the back of the monitor and see if there's anything stuck there. As such, he is now /completely oblivious to everything/.

The leprechaun's eyes open just in time to see Tatsuya's face glaring at him, boring holes through his very soul! If he has one, really. And then, he... speaks up? "Hee ho! You're scary, lad, you know that?"

Huh, so the leprechaun's a Jack Frost model edit, isn't it.

"Just take these and leave me the hell alone!" He produces a set of tarot cards out of thin air, tosses one at Miwa and gently hands one over to Tatsuya before... vanishing once again. A third one falls to the ground, sliding to Hideo's feet. The cards all depict the Magician arcana, lovingly hand-painted. What could this possibly mean? Probably not much, but Igor sure is going to be glad to see those!

Meanwhile, Granny's attention seems to have left the IM client icon, and instead returned to the Internet browser. To the group's astonishment, they'll soon find out that, in the tiny span of time where their attention was away from her, she's made her way to the Darkside of Sumaru boards, registered as HOTchick1945 and posted an inflammatory thread! She's... a quick learner, to say the least.

Soon, an intrigued employee walks by Hideo's computer and gives it a quick look. The case is opened, and the employee excitedly explains that they just avoided a big accident. For some reason, a fan had broken off-- why, with just a little bit of tinkering, the whole thing could have gone up in flames!

Ms. Ichimonji, however, seems uninterested even after hearing that. She... she's even quit it with the relentless fire puns! Could having apprehended the leprechaun have something to do with it? Either way, she soon leaves, thanking the young ones, apparently satisfied.

What a weird old lady.

================================== Darkside ==================================
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where r teh mysplaces and lifejournals at


so how bout taht phoenisrangr kunai guy huh???? wat a dweeb amirite

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