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[LOG] Pyro Granny and the Great Nazi Hunt

WHO: Itsuka Mizuhara, Hinata Itoh, Thora Kobayashi, Aigis, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji)
WHERE: Sumaru, Seven Sisters High
WHEN: Saturday, September 11th, 2009
WHAT: Pyro Granny's infiltration of Seven Sisters High continues! SEES (and SEES Friend Thora) are after her... and may or may not uncover a sinister secret?!
WATCH FOR: Exciting chases, shocking reveals, conclusion-jumping and space-time warping! Oh my!

==================================== SEES ====================================
Message: 21/28 Posted Author
Pyro Granny Wed Mar 10 Tohru Adachi
(An email sent around by your friendly neighborhood detective, Tohru Adachi!)

Hey, guys. Dropping you all a line to let you know I was investigating again in Sumaru about the arsonist with my colleague, Det. Katsuragi. We didn't see the guy in the lion mask, but we *did* catch up with this old woman in a flashy dress and a walker breaking into Seven Sisters and setting the trees there on fire--you might've heard about this on the news, or maybe even heard rumors about it.
I don't know who this lady is, but something about her just seemed really... I don't know, /off/ to me. She left behind these papers that rambled about Nazis and leprechauns and stuff; I know there's that rumor that guy on the forum started about poor Yuuka-chan (you hanging in all right there?), but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me in *or* out of context. I guess there's still a lot we don't know about the supernatural world, though, huh.
That said, Shiki-kun, you and Itsuka-chan looked into the arsonist some, right? Could I grab your ear sometime so we can try comparing notes? I'm curious to hear if you've heard anything about this when you were there. Thanks.
--Det. Adachi

It's the late afternoon at Seven Sisters High. At this time of a typical Saturday, few students are still lingering about, mostly the ones overzealously studying and those whose club meetings simply happen at inconvenient times.

This is the school, the rumor states, that is currently hosting the one called "Pyro Granny". Few people, if anyone, have seen her about in the last week, but word out on the street says that she's still in hiding here. And if Adachi's word is any indication, she is not to be messed around with! ...of course, certainly no intrepid teenagers will try to mess around with her today, will they?

Of course they aren't just coming to 'mess with' the rumored grandmother. That'd be silly--but it's certainly true that MYSTERIOUS MOTORCYCLIST Itsuka Mizuhara is very interested in all this arson stuff apparently going around Sumaru, considering her role with the /first/ guy they were looking for. She's all the more intent because she couldn't bring along her usual partner in investigating, and for a few other secret reasons.

So, she has travelled out to Sumaru again to look into things, carrying her athletic bag full of useful SEES-type goods and possibly having come with a few friends. Hopefully, Adachi's word will prove to be pretty good after all on this matter. If not, well, Seven Sisters is a pretty cool name for a school, isn't it? And, looking at the gates, it looks nice, too. It even has a clock tower.

Brave Detective Adachi's report had brought about a spark of curiousity from another member of the SEES Brigade. There's an arsonist on the loose and the police are stumped? This looks like a mission for five- er- two teenagers with attitude, sans mangy mutt. The hall monitors at Seven Sisters would have nothing with Koro-chan tagging along!

So its just Itsuka and the youngest of Team Itoh, the ponytailed Hinata bouncing along beside her. She too has an athletic bag, the better to hide her stuff as well as play along that she's merely a visiting athlete from Gekkoukan. That way she can cart along her baseball bat in plain sight. There's a dismissive stroke of her chin as she glances to her investigating partner, "You really think Adachi's right about this? I mean, its high school. Its either someone pulling a prank or one of the sensei's finally had too much and snapped."

A beat, and then another question. "Do you really think Yuuka's secretly a Nazi too?"

What are you talking about? The opportunity to 'mess with' the pyro granny is the reason Thora came along! That and presumably because Itsuka asked her nicely to come along. Since Itsuka is one of the few people that Thora actually /likes/, convincing her to tag along hadn't been all that difficult.

She's come prepared too, hauling with her a large, oblong, cloth-wrapped package that Itsuka would know is her weapon. Any attempt to question it from bystanders earns an angry glare from the teenager. Sumaru wasn't her favorite place to go either since people did seem to recognize her due to previous visits. Seven Sisters students especially.

"What's this about a Nazi?" Thora asks, being one of the few people that doesn't pay all that much attention to the Darkside board. That is, she doesn't pay much attention once it starts devolving into pointless flamewars or spam.

This Nazi stuff seems pretty stupid to Aigis. She doesn't use the word stupid, mind, she thinks a nicer, more Politically Correct term like 'unusual' or 'unexpected'. But really she thinks it's stupid. Haven't they heard of GODWIN'S LAW? Making Yuuka a Nazi only means she's won! Unless she is a Nazi, but Aigis doesn't buy that. Nazis are serious people and Yuuka Chiba is someone who fell out of a Princess Unicorn story. That and 'Nazi' do not combine!

Don't worry Thora, Aigis doesn't pay any attention to 4chan either.

Aigis has come along with Hinata, largely to keep an eye on the Itoh and Itsuka, whom is a NEW PAL. Or, more accurately, has recently moved past level 1 to level 2 in social link status.

She is pleasantly surprised to see Thora present as well. This mission may actually /not be horrible/.

But by now she has gotten accustomed to her pals being present even though she's smiling goofily as she walks along them, listening. Well, sort of goofily.

The out-of-towners showing up to school in those unfamiliar uniforms attract a few glances, but nothing worth chasing them out of the school. After all, they're also students! All part of the same excellent educational system! And they're not from Kasugayama. /And/ Thora's presence obviously scares the crap out of those who /would/ chase them out for whatever reason, which is also a big plus.

There is no sign of any elderly in the zone around the school gates. And seeing how she's supposed to be in hiding, the question of how to find her is probably on a few of the students' mind, if she's even here to begin with... There is, however, one unusual thing that would /probably/ attract their attention.

Inside the courtyard, right in front of the school's doors, two female students are chatting energetically. One of them, however, looks at her watch, suddenly apologizes and storms into the school. This is not the unusual part. No, see, the investigating party's attention might be drawn by the armband worn by the girl who just escaped, bearing a swatiska.

Oh, and the whole nazi uniform she was wearing for some reason. That part is important too.

For the record, she did not look a thing like Yuuka. Why would she look like Yuuka anyway? Now that would just be weird.

It's just lucky that Itsuka's weapon is vaguely similar to a tennis racquet. She can't claim credit for the idea of being a visiting athlete, but it's probably a better idea than her last Sumaru cover story. That one just turned out silly. ...Kind of fun, but silly.

Itsuka turns her head to look Hinata's way as she hears the other student talking, and sort of shrugs. "I'm not really sure, but I know that stuff /like/ what he mentioned has been going on here, especially if that guy was sighted around here." That guy being a rather vague reference to the masked 'King Leo' who's been referenced a couple of times. At the beat, Itsuka laughs a little, but then quiets down. "Weell, I don't know, but I could kind of see it. I don't know her very well." Carefully neutral! Oh yes.

And Thora chimes in! Itsuka definitely feels good about having Thora around. She hasn't been actually out much with Hinata for these things, but one look at the way the Yasogami student can scare off questions makes her feel pretty secure. Not only that, but they have Aigis! Itsuka actually likes her--she likes the whole group, even. (And if she's anything like what she's heard of how awesome she is, she'll be a big help. Itsuka already saw one robot in action.) But, just as Itsuka prepares to tell Thora about the rumor as best she can, she stops, staring at those girls up there. "...kind of like that, actually." Wait, /what/?

Technically, Hinata's pretty good with any club or staff-like object. She's simply partial to baseball bats as its her favorite sport, and as any made man can tell you there's nothing more handy in a fight than a good solid chunk of white ash. Alright, there's always the aluminum option, but Hina's always been a bit of a traditionalist.

Having Thora and Aigis along also has the ponytailed athlete more relaxed as well. There had been a lingering curiousity about just how Thora and Shirou have been getting along since a certain event, but this was not the time for jumping on landmines. Even more pressing was the android's newfound smile. Hina can't help but glance back every now and then and giggle. Its so cute! Ran must have been teaching her a few new tricks again!

"Everytime I've met her, she just seemed so... harmless," she shrugs to Itsuka. "How could someone like her be a Na...." Words trail as she too catches sight of he girls up ahead. "...zi?" Naw, it couldn't be. Could it?

One way to find out! "Hey!" Hinata takes off at a sprint after the fleeing suspect. "Hey you!" She just wants to ask questions! Don't be afraid of her or her well-worn bat!
Thora is extremely good at intimidating people. It's as if she's had years to practice it! The hideous facial scarring helps too.

The fact that Aigis is in such an extremely good mood doesn't go unnoticed by Thora. Seriously, look at her, she's all happy and perky! Which is unusual for a robot without hu-mon emotions that come naturally. "Maybe someone's just starting shit to make her look bad, you know? I guess somewhere along the line she picked up an enem-"

Holy cow, "Was that a Nazi?" Thora asks, bewildered. The bewilderment fades as Hinata takes off and, like a dog chasing a rabbit, Thora follows.

Aigis says, "It is unusual for Nazis to be so brazen." They do, after all, still exist. Sort of. Not really. But sort of. Her smile is gone as soon as danger starts rearing its ugly head. Though, of course, this is more implied danger than not. "...They certainly do not usually wear the old uniforms." She shakes her head, "This merits further investigation." But will investigating it make it true or is it already true or god dammit Sumaru.

Aigis's weapon is machine guns it's cool guys. "But ah-- don't..." She manages, but they've already run off.

Aigis gives chase, Operation Babe Hunt begins to play.

Good moods are good all around, and that's all there is to it. Though the subject of Yuuka's nazi leanings is totally of interest to her, Itsuka doesn't get much chance to actually respond to the conversation on it so far. "I dunno, the..." The short-haired girl in fact is juust beginning a sentence with Hinata runs off....And then Thora...And then Aigis, the voice of reason, does too. "Bu--hey, wait for me!"

Itsuka chases off after the others. Hopefully they aren't running too far! She sprints, not distance-runs. As she runs, though, something occurs to her. ...Nazis. Wasn't that weird old lady supposedly looking for nazis? Whatever. It's running time! They have a babe to--a nazi to find!

Unfortunately for Hinata, the nazi-uniformed girl is already past the school doors, and certainly doesn't seem to intend to turn back to the group and answer questions! More fortunately, though, the girl in question is simply not a very quick runner, and thus is still within sight of the group when they make their way into the school proper.

The running nazi youth would certainly attract attention normally, but the hallway she runs through is all but deserted, eliciting exactly one mildly puzzled look from a boy walking out of the bathroom. His greatest concern following this is to go take a drink from the water fountain, making him turn around just in time to miss, passing behind him, a moving... cardboard... box?

The box also appears to be tailing the suspiciously-costumed student, or at least appeared to be until the drinking boy turned around once more, prompting the inanimate object to tuck itself against the wall lightning-fast and stop moving. Naturally, the boy pays it no mind as he walks away and past the out-of-towners. Why would he? It's just a box.

Probably because of the Gekkoukan and Yasogami students' presence, the box moves no further. They should probably pay it no mind and give chase to the strangely-dressed girl!

It's just a box.

Mere school doors are no obstacles to Gekkoukan High's season leader in stolen bases! Hinata slips right through without breaking her stride, which wasn't of great concern since there wasn't enough students or corners to lose the strange Nazi girl in. Fortune favors justice today! "Stop!" she shouts with a wave of her hand, "Hey! Stop!"

For a brief moment, she thought she had seen the box move, but her concentration had been directed on her quarry too much to really say yes or no. However, a box does make for a convenient place for the girl to lighten her load and dump her athletics bag on as she passes! She'll keep the bat, though. Juuuuuuuuust in case. "Stop! I'm from SEES!" she continues shouting, "I just want to ask you some questions!"

Never run from Thora, she will /chase you down/. Not even the heavy load of her "concealed" hammer seems to slow her down. Since those in the hall aren't her chosen prey, they get all but ignored by the giant teenager. Why would she pay much attention to a mere box anyway? She'll jump over that box though.

When Hinata starts shouting, she almost staggers, especially when Hinata namedrops 'SEES'. "What! No, don't do it like that! That won't make her stop at all!" Thora huffs. "Like /this/!"

She draws in a breath, "STOP RUNNING! /NOW/!"

Aigis is not, precisely, particularly agile--she can run fast if she needs to but she isn't particularly maneuverable. As such, she actually falls relatively behind the others as she jogs along--as if pacing herself. She thinks Thora will be able to handle any Nazis, never mind Hinata and her baseball bat-a-rang.

Was that a wince when Hinata mentioned SEES? Nah. That's impossible. Aigis doesn't wince.

She slows down, however, when she sees... a box! She looks at it, and then turns towards it. She examines it.


Well they'll be fine, she thinks, she reaches for the box and aims to lift it off whomever is hiding under 'dare.

Running through the halls! Itsuka has unfortunately fallen to the back of the line from her once-prominent position in the front! But really, it's just as well. Anyway, this first-year runs off after the others, dodging past the Sevens boy walking out of the bathroom just in time to get tripped up near that box when Thora booms out her demand. "Ow!" She stumbles, regains her balance, and winces a moment. At least she didn't knock Hinata's stuff over, right? She's still carrying hers. It'd be pretty terrible for some janitor or something to find /her/ bag.
uut, it seems that AIgis is still here left behind. Itsuka stops, glancing toward Thora and Hinata in pursuit, and hangs back with Aigis. Buddy system, right? "...You think there's something in there?" It's only sort of a question. Obviously she does, or there wouldn't be lifting.

Hinata's shouting only causes the uniformed girl to run even faster-- either the name SEES rings a bell, or she thinks it must be some kind of codename for "hall monitor". When Thora joins in, however... well, there is little choice for her but to stop, is there? She skids to a halt and turns around, visibly frightened.

She shouts back at those running after her, although they'll probably rapidly close in now that she's stopped. "P-please! I'm already late! I don't have a second to lose or else I don't know what they'll do! They're real... real..." Nazis?

Meanwhile, the box (which emitted a mild "oof" sound when Hinata dropped her stuff on it, but probably not loud enough for anyone to hear) is still not moving, but that doesn't stop it from attracting the droid's attention, probably thanks to an incriminating heat signature.

And with the sports bag tumbling aside, the box is removed, revealing...


The old woman, wearing a flashy red sundress and ridiculous orange hat, stands at full height in front of Aigis and Itsuka, although this height is not /very/ tall. She even has her walker! ...which fit into the box... somehow. "Blast it!" She looks to the two teenage girls (well, you know) in turn, alarmed. While she's wearing a pair of Old People Sunglasses, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to assume that she's got a wild-eyed stare behind it! "I have to go after her! You don't understand-- she's a Nazi!"

Shocking revelations here, people!

Everyone stops, even Hinata. When Thora Kobayashi speaks, people listen. The ponytailed girl turns back towards the Oni wide-eyed at first, "Yeah, but, uh, I can't shout it like you can!" Maybe with another foot of height or so and some help from the Barry Bonds training regimen. Maybe.

It did have the desired effect, however, and she decides to take a more careful approach this time. "They're real? Who's real? Are they threatening you?" The baseball bat starts to tap against her shoulder, "If anyone's threatening you, we can help!"

It's time to STOP, collaborate, and listen.

"Is announcin' 'SEES' such a good idea?" she mutters quietly to Hinata, keeping her voice low before slowly stalking to the supposed Nazi. Her face is neutral and not overtly threatening. At least she's not making an /effort/ to be threatening but her very existance may run counter to this.

"They?" Thora intones in her deep voice as she nears the girl. "They who? You gotta get to class or somethin', Nazi?"

The word "Nazi" gets said in a less-than-impressed tone.

"The cops get to shout 'Stop, Police!'", Hinata answers just as quietly. "So...."

"It works 'cuz people know who the police /are/." Thora mutters back.

"...Um." Aigis says, trying to think back to the reports. She doesn't know much about pyro granny. Adachi did a report, that's all she immediately can think of at this point, because well--it's Pyro Granny. It's so ridiculous. It's so ridiculous. Even for Aigis, a robot in a modern setting, this is ridiculous. That's how ridiculous Pyro Granny is.

"We are also going after her." Aigis says simply, "...But this may not really be a Nazi..." Her eyes narrow dangerously, "But a Nazi impersonator."

She looks back to Pyro Granny. "I am sorry." She can't help but be polite to grannies, even if they're pyro grannies. "But what did you say your name was again?" Does Pyro Granny have a name? OR IS IT PYRO GRANNY? She has kind of stopped the immediate chase because, well, pyro granny.

It really was a good idea to bring this group, wasn't it? Itsuka is stil hanging back with Aigis for the moment. She's not exactly used to chasing people through hallways like this. When the box comes up, however, Itsuka perhaps very sensible ignores what's happening up the hall in order to stare (probably quite rudely) at the sudden old lady, complete with walker.

Aigis is the one who asks the questions, as Itsuka can only remark, to herself, "....Weird." That's some kind of freaky coincidence if this is a /fiery/ grandma, isn't it? ...Just in case, Itsuka, smiling all of a sudden, loosens her bag on her shoulder. "T-that's right! It could be." Backup, highfive! Itsuka can't look away. "Um, yes, I'm sorry too."

The nazi uniformed-girl takes a few frightened steps back as Thora stalks further, and Hinata looks at her with a look that's probably good-intentioned but also includes a /baseball bat/. "Naz..." She looks down at her uniform. Well, duh. "Oh! No, no, I'm heading to the drama club! We're rehearsing and they said they'd kick me off the play if I came late again! --I... I'm sorry!"

Meanwhile, the old woman seems to softer up a bit at Aigis' politeness. Such a good girl! Not like her /friend/ right there who can only stare and even then only makes a token effort to be polite to her elders! Kids these days, no one even bothers to teach them mann--

...Anyway, the old lady chuckles at the robot. "Then we're on the same side, aren't we? Let's go after her and settle things! You can call me Ms. Ichimonji."

And with this, she shuffles away past the two Gekkoukan students, possibly knocking them back (even including Aigis, who really should be above that sort of thing!) In fact, "shuffling" might not really be the word. For a granny, she's... fast. In fact, she only really just seems to be /carrying/ the walker around. And soon, she makes it past the corner, just in time to spot the unmoving "nazi" girl. "STOP! NAZI! GET BACK HERE SO I CAN TEACH YOU A LESSON!"

The girl Thora and Hinata were chasing takes this as her cue to resume her escape. Why is she chased by those weirdoes anyway?! Her moving away from her spot, by the way, allows to be revealed a poster conveniently put up on the wall behind her.

This school festival!
Don't be dumb, be a nazi, bring your friends, we'll have a party!


"Wait what?" Thora looks dumbfounded. Rehearsing? Rehearsing for...?

The girl flees in terror and she spots the poster. Her jaw drops.

"It's worse than I thought. The entire drama club is full of Nazis." she intones gravely while demonstrating her lack of knowledge for musical theater.

"Yeah, true." Gosh, Hinata, when did you turn into such an airhead, she derides herself silently. Was it when she got her Evoker and armband and Igor told her all about the Star and she turned into a teenaged supecrhero? In any case, less TV theatrics! Real life is not TV unless she's saving someone from a TV set and then real life is in the TV though not really...

OK, she'll save that mental discussion for some other time.

Of all the answers the girl could've given 'drama club' and 'rehearsing' fell somewhere well past 'THE JEWS' and 'hey this uniform looks flashy'. "Huh?" she answers blankly at first, and is about to ask for a clarification when there's a shout from behind them. "Uh..."

She turns back, and the girl is no longer there. Instead there's a poster. "Isn't that one guy from the Live-Action Inspector Gadget movie?"

"Ms. ... Ichimonji?" Aigis asks, that name sounds familiar. She crossreferences it and it's surprising how quickly a match comes out. It's... It's... Impossible! There is no way this person can be his grandmother! It's impossible! It can't be true!

Aigis follows after the granny, in a kind of trance-like state, and doesn't immediately see the poster.

"The entire Drama Club?" She asks as they start to catch up, she's kind of lost now. "How--that is very unlikely, Thora-Chan!"

Her pouty face is kind of adorable.

A moment later she sees the poster and her mouth hangs open in an o-shape.

Ms. Ichimonji. If Itsuka was rude before, now she finds her jaw hanging open as she just outright /stares/ at this woman, who suddenly pushes past her--Itsuka doesn't put up so much as a token resistance, her face instead working into various contortions of confusion. "Wh-...But..." What the /hell?/

Still against the wall, Itsuka has to rush to catch up with the apparently entranced Aigis. She misses the poster, too, and only barely hears the talk of the whole drama club being nazis. Instead, done sputtering, Itsuka points at the quickly-moving grandmother. "T-that's impossible! He doesn't even /have/ a grandmother! That's just some stupid story I made up!" She's going to feel really dumb if someone points out that more than one person could be named 'Ichimonji', of course.

Pyro Granny, or rather Granny /Ichimonji/, continues making her way through the hallway. "HALT, NAZI!" She runs past the group gathered in front of the poster, paying little mind to the alarming discussion about this being worse than even she would have thought! It's probably for the bes--

And then she opens the purse hanging from her arm and pulls out something that definitely shouldn't fit in but somehow /does/. "STOP HERE SO I CAN ASK YOU A FEW QUESTIONS!" Still holding on to her walker with one hand for some reason, the other triumphantly brandishes a flamethrower, which emits a jet of flame in front of her to illustrate her point. Don't worry, girl! Granny just wants to ask you a few questions!

Okay, that was a lie. All she really wants is to burn things.

"The drama club? I thought the politics club would be more their thing," Hinata ponders aloud as a granny-shaped blur races past them. "Hey, isn't that-"

FWOOSH. Even at this distance, she can still feel the heat flash across her face. "H-Hey!" The bat whips away from her shoulder to point dramatically at Granny, "That's still more effective than shouting 'Stop, Police,' but you're gonna burn the whole school down that way!"

There's a pause in the bat-waggling as a dilemma presents itself: How /do/ you stop someone with a flamethrower from burning the school, let alone yourself in your nice wool-blend flammable school uniform?

The answer is hanging on a nearby wall, which Hina conveniently breaks open with her baseball bat.

Hinata removes: Baseball Bat
Hinata equips: Fire Extingiusher


"It could happen.." Thora says defensively to Aigis as she points out that the whole Drama Club being Nazis is unlikely. "The Drama Club could just be a front for their...their activities and.." She gestures with her free hand, pausing as the infamous Granny comes plowing past the group, packing heat.

Literally. Packing heat.

The corners of her mouth curl into a cruel grin. "HEY OLD HAG!" she howls, gleefully chasing after the woman. "That has to be her, Aigis!!"

Aigis says, "I apologize, I did not see the poster. You are correct." She lowers her head, "I should not have spoken so rashly." She's convinced?! BUT! BUT! BUUUUT! Aigis has not seen The Producers and thus missed the whole punchline again and is taking it very seriously. "It is very unlikely ... but just because an event is unlikely does not mean it is impossible." She lowers her head, very sad at that. She doesn't know what to think about Nazis, she never thought she'd have to think about Nazis. They're humans, but they're certainly enemies in their own right, but she doesn't think she could handle fighting a /war/ against them.

"...Why does Shiki's grandmother have a flamethrower?" She asks, her previous concern suddenly washing away from her face.

Shiki's grandmother probably: check. ....If Itsuka sees a leprechaun and a fire, she's going to scream.

She makes her declaration, and blinks back to realiy. The snippets of conversation sort of catch her up on things. Nazis, drama club, and oh, of course, Hinata just grabbed a fire extinguis--oh that's because that's a flamethrower she has now, and that's what the sudden flash of heat and light was. Fire.

Two out of three.

"Wait, so they /are/ nazis?" Okay, so there's nazis, Aigis's perfectly legitimate question about flamethrowers, Hinata with a baseball bat, and Thora charging into the fray. There are /also/ presumably more nazis in there. Maybe. And presumably they aren't persona-users and they're supposed to be /secret/. So, Itsuka does the only reasonable thing she can think of, and says, "Hey! Ms. Ichimonji! Did you know that nazis really like fire?" Um??

And the chase resumes, this time with a flamethrower-wielding sextagenarian in the mix! Huh. The girl in nazi uniform seems even more terrified than ever as she manages to narrowly dodge a burst of flame headed her way. This really isn't her day!

Luckily for the very flammable and as-of-yet unnamed girl, Granny immediately gives up on the chase the very second Thora calls her "Old Hag". Clearly, if there is anything she hates more than nazis, it's /disrespect to one's elders/. She turns around to face the offender and her SEES friends, finally dropping the walker as she pauses to face them. "What did you call me?"

"What is it with you kids and your impoliteness? Back in my day we had it drilled into us that we had to respect our elders! --Literally drilled! We had uncle Theo with his drill in hand-- we called him Uncle Theo-saga, it's an honorific I'm sure you kids have never even heard of, it's all about sans and chans and rans these days, isn't it? Why, you darn whippersnappers--"

Somehow, this is not a normal rant. It is hypnotizing, disorienting! And it seems to go and on and on and on, for much longer than the time that actually passes-- that is, until Itsuka drops that little factoid, what might just be a fraction of a second later, at which point space-time resumes operating normally. She raises an eyebrow, credulously. "...They do?"

All right, now Itsuka's got her attention, or at least she's got Granny /distracted/, depending on the point of view of those involved. ...of course, whether or not they can work up the willpower to do anything now is another matter entirely.

COMBAT: You have missed Thora Kobayashi with your You Darn Whippersnappers attack.
COMBAT: You hit Aigis with your You Darn Whippersnappers attack.
COMBAT: The Agility Down status effect has been added to Aigis.
COMBAT: You hit Hinata Itoh with your You Darn Whippersnappers attack.
COMBAT: The Magic Cost Up status effect has been added to Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: The Physical Cost Up status effect has been added to Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: The Agility Down status effect has been added to Hinata Itoh.
COMBAT: You hit Itsuka Mizuhara with your You Darn Whippersnappers attack.
COMBAT: The Magic Cost Up status effect has been added to Itsuka Mizuhara.
COMBAT: The Physical Cost Up status effect has been added to Itsuka Mizuhara.

Thora knows how to aggro the elderly. It was as if she was given this ability because so many other people are good at aggroing /her/.

"You heard me." She turns to face the flamethrower-packing grandmother, one hand gripping the cloth bindings around her hammer before pulling them away with a dramatic, cloth-rustling flourish. The great weapon is easily held in one hand as she peels the covering away and tosses it aside. As the old woman goes into her odd little rant, her terrible powers to babble on endlessly seem to have no effect on the hideous delinquent. Perhaps deep down inside...she /did/ have the willpower?!

She looks downright nonplussed. Slinging the Black Frost hammer over one shoulder, she struts up to the grandmother, grasps for a fistfull of her shirt and yanks her up to her level.

Right into her forehead.

COMBAT: Thora Kobayashi hits you with her Strike Attack - Warhammer attack.

Old Hag? Hinata raises an eyebrow at that, just what did the old woman do to get under Thora's skin like that? She just has a flamethrower, she may have been a little troublesome around Detective Adachi, but she's an elderly woman! Where's the resect for one's elders!

For as everyone but the Oni finds out, disrespecting one's elders leads to one looooooooooooooooooong and rather sleep-inducing rant. By the time she's abruptly startled out of it by the sound of foreheads colliding, Hina's found herself half slumped over the fire extinguisher's wall mounting. "HuhwhaI'mawakeIdidn'tmissanything..." So sleepy! Slowly she can focus on Thora and Granny and did someone mention Shiki's grandmother? Wait, Thora's doing something to a woman holding a flamethrower.

Ohhhhhhh crap.

The ponytailed girl tiredly fumbles inside her blazer for a moment, searching for something. Its in here somewhere!

Aigis is worried. She can't... SHOOT... a granny, can she? For one thing, that would alert the school and undoubtedly cause a panic. She's going to have to rely on Thora for the violence today because SHE'LL just make it look like her usual delinquent violence.

Except she has a flamethrower.

What's more, is that this rant is somehow activating her maintenance mode. She has to will herself to not succumb to her maintenance cycle, which takes her a moment.

"Did you say 'rans'?" Aigis asks. Is Pyro Granny a pocketran master?

She can't allow a nazi to become barbecued--not until there's answers! She moves her body, aiming to cover her escape.

Man, old people don't know when to shut up, do they? It's worse because it's some sort of hynpotizing, weird thing. Itsuka finds herself disoriented, made all the worse because this is the kind of thing that /she's/ supposed to do, not the other way around! ...Not ranting, maybe but...Ugh. She manages to break through with what she says. She's still not sure if she said it before or after the rant, though, and she still feels like she has to drag herself into action.

And action it'll have to be, as Itsuka watches Thora just outright attack the crazy old lady. Delinquent violence! And....neither of the other two actually do anything so far. Itsuka glances between them, and then back up the hall. As Aigis seems to be moving into position and Hinata is going for something, Itsuka decides that she really can't take the direct approach. So instead, she ducks back, hiding from view behind a trash can and unzipping the top pocket of her bag. She takes a second to focus, to call...and feels the presence shift in her mind. Her Evoker comes up to the side of her head and she pulls the trigger, clamming her lips shut and hoping it works without yelling.

She aims for the sprinkler system. With just a little fire.

COMBAT: Itsuka Mizuhara has activated Poltergeist.

The fire originates from a strange, translucent 'presence' just in front of Itsuka, almost like a cloud of sentient, mischevious force. It's a small flame, but there's a chatter that accompanies it.

With her attention taken by Itsuka's shocking statement, it makes sense for Granny Ichimonji not to see Thora coming, especially considering that the gigantic girl was the only one completely unaffected by the spacetime-warping rant. She's grabbed without much effort, and the headbutt connects without problem.

She staggers a few steps back, but while the strike did make a satifying sound, Granny's face... shows no sign of having just been hit. No bruising, or anything other than mild shock.

...Except... her sunglasses, in a bit of a delayed reaction, clearly snap in half above the bridge of her nose. The glasses fall to the floor, and the old woman's eyes widen in defiance towards the youngsters about. There's no mistake-- her irises are an unsettling, unnatural shade of gold. In fact, the reveal seems to have caused her to drop all pretenses of being a normal old lady. Aigis' sensors, maybe a little too late, finally start detecting her presence as matching a Shadow's.

The running girl, partly thanks to Aigis' help, finally manages to escape out of this scene in order to report back to the drama club... or her nazi overlords. Maybe.

Itsuka's little gambit, possibly because they have Hinata on the team, fortunately pays off! The small burst of flame triggers the sprinkler system's sensors, and soon enough, the teenagers and old la-- /Shadow/ find themselves getting an imprompty shower. While she most probably intended to return some street justice in Thora's direction, old school style, Pyro Granny now finds herself hissing at the ceiling as her clothes get wet. "I'd have gotten away with it, too... if it hadn't been of these kids... and their dog!" Wait, what is she even talking about?

Since Pyro Grannies are apparently, and appropriately, weak to water, it doesn't take her long for her to high-tail it away from the SEES & Friend gathering. She's now moving even faster than she did before, with a speed not suited for grannies but rather /hedgehogs/. She makes it to the end of the hallway, where a window is waiting, and dramatically jumps through it!

...on the other side, if the group bothers to check, they will find no trace of Pyro Granny left, except a lit match that will probably go out quickly with all the moisture in the air now.

Itoh Luck. Its contagious!

"Ah!" Hinata's fingers finally come across the handle of her own Evoker, but by this point its too late. Shiki's grandmother - grandmother? - is backing off, the glasses falling from her face. Though its not as much a 'her', however, thanks to the reveal of those golden eyes. "H-Hey!"

And then an instant shower. Hinata's instantly drenched with a shiver and a quite surprised "Ahhh!" She leaves the evoker inside her increasingly wet clothing to instead try to cover what's left of her hair from the indoor rain. Meanwhile, WET UNIFORM CONTEST and Pyro Grannyshadow is making one heck of an escape. "We didn't even bring Koro-chan!" She's not even going to try to chase with the floor being this wet and slippery, even if she could keep up! "Wow, that- nobody's that fast even on the track team!" Yep, definitely not human.

Breaking the sunglasses counts as damage in Thora's book. Her position gives her an awful nice look at those stunning yellow eyes and, immediately, Thora realizes that this is a shadow. Yellow eyes always mean shadow! Or Takaya but he doesn't count because he's Takaya.

Her triumphant sneering is promptly interrupted as she's absolutely /drenched/ in water, her clothing soaking through immediately thanks to the torrential downpour provided by the sprinklers. She'd be angrier about this but she knows damn well that it'll hamper any effectiveness a "pyro granny" has in this particular environment.

She /is/ a little annoyed that it causes her to flee immediately out the window. "That is one FAST old hag." she grows, disdainfully lifting up her now completely soaked sheet off the ground. Hastily, she starts wrapping it around her weapon to hide it right away before some hall monitor or vice principal shows up. "We better get outta here before people start asking questions."

A worried glance is cast in Aigis's direction. WHAT IF SHE WASN'T WATERPROOF?! She is a robot! Robots do not do good in water!

Takaya might be a DEMISHADOW. Half Shadow, Half Man!? He was probably raised by his SHADOW MOM. Of course, maybe Shiki is related to Shadows now too. A SHADOW GRANNY?! this must be like that Shadow Yosuke that has been running around, Aigis thinks. What's going on here. And, as she thinsk about it, isn't Shadow Yosuke also here in Sumaru? Perhaps Sumaru has its own problems the workings of which she is unaware of.

"I agree, I think we have learned a lot as well." She bobs her head.

She's getting showered but she doesn't immediately start rusting. Perhaps Aigis is not actually weak to water.

That said, she doesn't really seem to like it very much. She is frowning and is sighing under her breath--she doesn't usually sigh, but now she's all wet and she's going to have to be all wet all the way back to Port Island.

Aigis picks up the fallen match and blows it out. Maybe Koromaru can use this to TRACK GRANNY DOWN SOMEHOW.

"Thank you for allowing me to come." She adds a moment later, even though she looks pretty miserable all drenched like this.

It worked it worked it worked! Itsuka doesn't have time to be relieved, however, as she's suddenly pelted with water "Aaaah!" Shivering with the sudden cold herself, Itsuka can only watch as the grandmother runs off. Wait, yellow eyes? Dog? What? Hinata gives the thought for her, mentioning Koro-chan just as soon as the dog comes to mind. "Y-yeah!" Still on the ground, she takes a minute to collect herself, calling Lorelei back--this other weird Persona just isn't comfortable. It makes her feel weird.

This will later turn out to be a mistake. Itsuka actually is weak to water. "Um, right, let's go!" This water's even colder than it was a minute ago. Itsuka hurriedly slips her Evoker back into her bag and stands up, noticing Aigis with the sudden worry that she might've harmed her somehow! ...Buut apparently not. She does look pretty miserable, though. Itsuka hopes she made the right decision. Later, she'll have some time to think about the implications of all this. For now, she wants out of this. "S-sorry it just seemed like the best idea at the time..." Itsuka is guilty, and wet, and glancing at the window. "...Um, we should probably go back out the front, huh?" She starts off in that direction, hurrying up a little.

COMBAT: Itsuka Mizuhara has activated Lorelei.

Thora actually grunts as she hefts the wrapped hammer over a shoulder. The added weight from the soaked towel was...actually quite a lot. It wasn't as if she hadn't carried large loads before but damn, this was heavy. Her being soaked to the bone wasn't doing her any favors either.

She /runs/, a lot slower than before, but she runs nonetheless. "Aigis..." she huffs through deep breaths, "...are you going to be okay?"

She didn't look like she was sparking or about to explode. That was a good sign, right?

Aigis may be waterproof, but that didn't neccessarily mean that she enjoyed being in the rain. Hinata's already next to her, ready to give her a helping hand if needed. "Yeah, are you sure you're alright? C'mon, let's get out of here before any senseis show up!"

She still has the fire extinguisher for some reason.

"Ah, yes," Aigis manages, "I'm fine. I'm just...wet." Nothing immediately explodes off her body. She probably wouldn't handle pressure too well, or long periods of being submerged, but a sprinkler system while she's wearing clothes isn't so bad. It's not getting into any sensitive areas.

"Sorry for worrying you." She smiles awkwardly--she raelly shouldn't have been so bothered by it, look how worried they are--

--but she sure will rush out with the others. Even the robot knows to cheese it when the teachers are on the prowl.

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