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[LOG] - Preliminary Exercises

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WHO: Shirou Sekigawa, Takahisa Kandori
WHERE: Lunarvale, Sun Mall
WHEN: 9 PM (8 PM?!?) September 9th, 2009.
WHAT: Shirou is at the mall at a bad time. Takahisa Kandori is bored, and scouting for new talent to bring into the NWO's ranks while testing the DVA system's universe-generation and splicing abilities.
WATCH FOR: Ignominious failure, the OOC comments I left in, evil overlord list items, homisuicide.


        In the early 1950s, a small community named Mikage-cho began to see a high concentration of immigrants from the US only but a few years after World War II. With it, they brought their cultural norms, transforming the city into an American city in Japan. A decade later, it was renamed Lunarvale. Only the eldest residents remember its old name. It's even become customary to give children Americanized first names.
        A city still seeing growth even today, it does have a curiously drab appearance. Nearly all buildings are painted shades of white or gray, and all the cars on the roads are either red or white (save for delivery trucks, which use blue). The two malls, Sun Mall and Joy Street, both use a bright yellow. Only a few homes, namely those of more wealthy individuals, attempt to break the mold.
        The city is prosperous, even as it tends to do things its own way in comparison to the rest of the nation. The Saeki Electronics, Biological, Energy Corporation (SEBEC), a powerful corporate entity whose products see use far and wide, calls this city home and guarantees there's a job available in just about any sector here, in a part of the world rapidly leaving old traditions behind.
        Yet... is everyone is truly happy about the way things are?

You enter the Sun Mall.

Lunarvale - Sun Mall

        Little more than a strip mall with a roof, Sun Mall is the more frequently visited mall by students looking for a bit of afternoon fun after school. It is not inherently a large shopping center, and seems to be going into decline. There's still plenty enough to buy and eat.
        Peace Diner is one of the most dominant fast food chains several towns over and tends to get most of its business from St. Hermelin students looking for a quick bite to eat. The Rosa-Candida clothing store is the place to visit for the latest fashions, though it has a snooty air. The very first Satomi Tadashi pharmacy lies here, one of now many throughout the nation made (in)famous for its theme song giving praise to its products. Judgment 199, a small casino, does not appear to care about the age of its players. A candy store using very difficult kanji for its name sells traditional snacks and other goods in an atmosphere invoking days long gone by. An unmarked door leads to one of the largest Augustus trees in a small enclosed garden. A blue door leads to the mysterious Velvet Room, of which only a few people have gotten inside.
        While Sun Mall is on the decline compared to Joy Street, many stores remain open almost entirely on the mercy of St. Hermelin students and local families. The relative quiet tends to be seen as a plus.

[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "That's fine. In regards to stuff happening, that is."
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "Oh, that reminds me--you, Maki and I should definitely talk about the Mikage-cho plot we'll be triggering soon."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "..."
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "Hey, Shirou!"
[OOC] Tohru Adachi is now set as an observer.
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "..."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa walks into the Lion's den
[OOC] Tohru Adachi hahaha
[OOC] Tohru Adachi isn't joining in, alas; it's too late for him to start something.
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "But I will definitely watch!"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "I on the other hand will give you something to tell the KDA about."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Oh good."

Whatever their reasons for being there, whether to tune up their Personas in the Velvet Room or to gamble while underage at a certain establishment, the Sun Mall is often well populated. On this particular night, it is preparing to close down, with one hour left in its operation for the night. Then, the lights begin to flicker.
This starts in the food court, where a certain man is sitting with his feet up, reading the paper surreptitiously.
Then it extends down the length of the mall and zooms back up, the whole place is crackling with darkness. It's not that the lights go out, it's that they provide less and less illumination.
As time passes, panic descends because the fears of each individual can be seen crawling on the walls and moving as if some prodigiously strong being were shifting the boundaries of dimensional walls themselves.
Then the screaming comes, apparently with no Earthly source. Stalking from the darkness comes a figure.
Sword sheathed by its side, the faceless entity looks clad in seamless black silk from head to toe. Its footsteps leave puddles of steaming tar on the tiles of the mall's floor - except the floor isn't there. The doors aren't there. It's an expanse of darkness. Outside the mall, everything looks normal, but the lights are off. Maybe it closed early?
Inside, everyone is running, but no one can outpace the swordsman. And, considering they're all running in different directions and yet it is catching up to all of them by the same amount, it's safe to say the running is largely ineffective.
An amused smile rings the only feature that has appeared on that blank swordsman's face as it lays a hand on the blade, a mouth. A smirking mouth.


Shirou had ranged further afield tonight, having even skipped out of class today because he wanted to see something new. But this? /This/ is not what he had in mind.

"If I get through this, 'm murdering Hajime..." He doesn't even have his yari tonight, because HEY GUYS WHO TAKES A SPEAR TO THE MALL. He's running like the rest, dashing into a side hall, into a maitenence hallway, trying to get /away/ from that swordman with the lack of a face.

He's grabbing a broom, holding it out, turning around and twirling it a bit. "S-stay back man..." He tries to steady himself... where was Thora when he needed her...
Philemon has arrived.

[OOC] Philemon armfolds.
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "Hello, Phil. ~_~"
[OOC] Philemon says, "Hello!"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa nods to Phil.
[OOC] Philemon says, "This will be interesting. I would like to observe."
[OOC] Tohru Adachi is also observing
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa is about to die!
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori:ED
[OOC] Global: Takahisa Kandori has set the Scene Pose.

Space and distance have, perhaps, less meaning in this place. Moving closer and closer, the swordsman turns toward Shirou. Unsurprisingly, he's the only one out of the crowd to have actually challenged it. But there's something more. Sniffing with its lack-of-nose, the entity perks up and begins stalking slowly toward the persona user. Everyone else seems to be getting away. The entity is no longer holding them to the rule that running only brings them closer, and so they fade into the darkness and shortly find the original "walls" of the mall, complete with doors they can break open to escape or let others in. The police will arrive, eventually.
They know that, in Lunarvale, sometimes arriving on time to see what caused the disturbance is a bad idea. The swordsman has one hand on its hilt, and it stops ten feet from Shirou, cocking its head to one side. Then it begins to laugh. A high, cold, terrible noise, here in the darkness.
The laugh echoes back from the dark, and thousands of eyes can be seen in the shadows, but not the forms they belong to. The eyes glow red. They are at waist height for an adult.

Shirou should be defecating in his pants. He should be kept locked dead in fear and at the mercy at these /things/ tonight.

But Shirou's been through his own personal hell, and frankly he's out of fear. And if the people here knew him, they'd know that was a rather major thing. "Alright you freaky... /thing/... hnnn..." He takes a steadying breath, trying to summon up willpower, trying /not/ to freak out at the Ruby Quest-esque red glowing eyes that are /surrounding/ him. This can't be happening... right?

"C-come any closer and I'll... err... give you a nasty splinter!"

[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "you're not very good at this are you shirou"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "He'll learn,"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Interacting with me is a learning experience."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "I have a Courage of -1 :<"

If darkness can be said to be so solid that it forms a wall, then those red eyes are the wallpaper on the walls of darkness. The walls of darkness are also closing in. Suddenly, light, from above- a spotlight, highlighting the glistening detail of the deformed fell swordsman's shape. The silk-smoothness periodically broken by what seem to be bubbles of some foul-smelling gas oozing to the surface. The smile becomes more predatory, but the creature does not draw its sword. It stands there, head cocked to one side, as the spotlight above describes an arena some hundreds of feet in diameter. The swordsman says something quietly, in an eerie, childlike singsong voice.
It is in fact the voice of a little girl currently tumbling in a drying machine full of ball bearings. There's personal hell, and then there's actual hell.
"Personaaa ... Personaaa... come to us Personaaaa."

Okay, maybe he's a little more freaked out now. Shirou's eyes are the size of dinner plates by now, but he breaks out of that little fear trance quickly.

He growls a bit, clenching his hands against the broom handle. "Y-you want a Persona, huh? /Fine/" He closes his eyes, trying to build up that will... he's never had to summon him, but he knows how to, some how... touching that darkness that he knows personally, there's the subtle smell of stangant water as a card manifests itself before his eyes, and he stabs it with his broom-spear.


A dark figure manifests out from the shadows as well, a hooded man carrying an oar, that holds his hand out, putting himself between the swordsman and Shirou

The dark figure looks at Charon, and seems to give the other Persona the faintest of nods. Then, it bows a little, perhaps perfunctorily and sarcastically. The darknesses crowd up closer. The dark swordsman seems to be waiting for something. Power wells up under him, the red eyes begin moving. Slowly at first, then faster and faster. Images CAN be seen in the dark now, as if it were not truly dark but merely poorly illuminated. In the dark, phantom children are dancing a deathly "Ring Around The Rosy" at high speed. Their eyes, red and bright, become a line of redness in the dark.
There is an odd quality in how the swordsman moves next - it stalks in a circle. But there is a sense of geometry that doesn't make sense, the way it moves seems to let it be both in front of the Persona and Shirou, and out of the corner of their eye at the same time. It might be everywhere.
Elsewhere, someone turns a page on the newspaper, and dips biscotti in an espresso.

...Yeah, now Shirou's officially freaking out. He swipes at the thing that's both in front of him and at the side of him, turning around to put his back to Charon, who swings out with his oar as well. "T-this isn't real. I'm dreaming, I'm... Hnn!"

He pinches himself, like that's about to do any good. This was all sorts of not good...

The air around the swordsman becomes colder, and it just slooowly draws its sword. Oblivion sparks on the edge of that blade, bleeding darknesses like dripping rain from a sword that is edged with starlight. The oar is neatly deflected, but the swordsman's smile is gone, it is focused.
The darknesses fill with the sudden sound of rustling paper, the red eyes vanish, and suddenly - surrounding the spotlight ring, the people who ran are back, looking bewildered. They had gone home, gone to work, thought they'd escaped that nightmare. They'd watched the news, seen that it was a gas leak.
Then, when they were enjoying themselves in a nice restauraunt, telling the story of their narrow brush with life, how it changed their lives, how they were living life to the fullest, how sad they were for the other people who died that day, months ago -
Suddenly, they find out they've never left.

Goddamn it. Someone has to end this nightmare.

And it was all up on Shirou's shoulders. "Gods damn it... no one's here to see this."

Oh well, looks like he's going to have a great story /no one will believe/. He closes his eyes again, trying to draw up more power. "Charon! Mudoon!" The monsterous creature waves a hand, sending a wave of dark energy back out to the monsters... this wasn't going to work well. Dark versus Dark...

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Mudoon attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 49 points of Dark damage.

Darkness. Did he just hit the swordsman with-
The darkness strikes the entity, and indeed it makes a large piece of the swordsman explode outward in a shower of bits and squishy ooze. It looks injured, sure. The creatures in the darkness shift and move, and slowly a few of the civilians are dragged away Kandori-knows-where.
Meanwhile, back at the swordsman. The entity rises to its full height, expanding up from its natural slight slouch and spreading a massive pair of wings. The wings have blades instead of feathers. Each blade is made of a mirror, a dark mirror. The mirror reflects Shirou's face. Every mirror does. They act as darkness collectors, scooping up great swaths of primordial chaos.
Then, they narrow, creating a corridor between them, a line, pointed at Charon and Shirou.
"Die.", the thing says in its hissing voice.
What comes out is a storm of blades, all aimed not just for the physical reality of the opposition, but for their metaphysical aspects. The blades are aimed for his /soul/, for his /chakras/, for Charon's Extradimensional Coin Purse and Ferry Emporium.
The dark swordsman is in fact stabbing them in the quintessence.
COMBAT: Your Dark Critical ability has activated at a cost of 1 SP.
COMBAT: You hit Shirou Sekigawa with your Massacre attack.
[OOC] Tohru Adachi blinks. "That's different."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Which thing is?"
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "The COMBAT: coloration before what you did."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "It's from my &color attribs."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Ha XD"
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "I haven't seen the -- ohhh!"
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "That would explain it, then."
[OOC] Philemon says, "You can change the color using &color."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "They're determined by what I use for my own windows."
[OOC] Tohru Adachi did not know that!
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori should make his colors moar pimp.
Takahisa Kandori/COLOR - Set.
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "There."
[OOC] Philemon says, "PIMP ZE COLORS"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "I'm a bad man."
[OOC] Philemon says, "Man, you used flash"
[OOC] Philemon says, "People who don't use MUSHClient are going to stab you in the eyes."

Shirou has been soul-stabbed. If he gets soul-rot from this, he is going to come back and haunt this place.

Shirou falls to his knees, giving a pure cry of pain, as /nothing/ has ever hurt him like that before. His mind reels, flashes of his past, of slammed doors and dissaproving looks... He coughs and gets to his feet, weakly, spitting up a little blood.

"C-charon... That hurt him, right? Come on friend..." The creature nods, oddly able to exist here for so long. The ferryman waves another hand, a thick gas escaping from his sleeve... looking to affect the area and drain that Swordsman's energy.

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Poisma attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 32 points of Mystic damage.
COMBAT: You take greater damage due to your Mystic weakness.
COMBAT: The Damage Over Time status effect has been added.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori changes it.

[OOC] Philemon is a cheating bastard. You should be used to this.
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa eeps?

The gas strikes home, and the being coughs. Apparently it already had a high gas volume, and injecting more poison is causing some kind of chain reaction. Its sword drops to the ground with a loud metallic clatter, and the entity falls on its knees.
Elsewhere, a paper has been set down, and white knuckles are gripping the edge of a seat.
The entity coughs once, and twice, massive greenish bubbles of gas escaping its body. It appears to be badly effected, as if it were walking a bladed tightrope between too much poison and too little, and either direction is dangerous.
Looking up, it spreads its mouth wide, half of the head opening in the middle and revealing a mote of roiling darkness surrounded by a green and deadly gas.
The mouth expands to form a giant "O", around which red lips form, there is a sound: "SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO", and then "BWAAAAAH" and a giant laser made of pure darkness booms from that mouth, filling the world, aimed for the fighting pair opposing the blade-wielder who has just scooped up his blade in the middle of vomiting darkness lasers.
There is no taunting, no mockery, Kandori actually stands up and moves to the edge of the darkness. He'd be invisible, but he's watching Charon and Shirou closely, with an expert's eye for Persona.
The Swordsman, done vomiting lasers but still looking pretty queasy for something with no face, walks slooowly forward, one step at a time. The tip of its sword is pointed downward in one nimble hand, blade dragging along the ground and throwing up sparks. "Personaaa... Personaaa... Burn With Us Personaaaa...."

COMBAT: You hit Shirou Sekigawa with your Eternal Black attack.
COMBAT: The Vitality Down status effect has been added to Shirou Sekigawa.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "ima chargin' mah stygian darkness"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Oh god you hit hard"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori is a monster in every way.
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Great, I'm trying to tank an elite boss and I'm a SQUISH #@$!ING WIZARD. :/"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "This is true. At least the penalties for failure are not great."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori cackle.
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "And you ARE learning to bring blackup."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "I'm learning I'm sending at least /three/ teams out first 'fore I step back into this ring"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori nod.

Shirou gives another howl of pain, his mind turning in on itself as it's blasted by a Thing Man Was Not Ment To Know. /Why/ was he doing this... what was the purpose of this darkness? Shirou doesn't know... but if he's gonna die, he's going to die /standing/.

He gets back up, flesh bruised and steaming faintly, the lasers not leaving much physical damage... but hurting the esence of his being will be leaving him bed stricken for days. "Charon... please, help me..."

He coughs a bit, but he then gives a roar, a bit of his hidden back-bone showing up as he /charges/ the being, looking to smack its face with the broom as Charon swings out that heavy oar as well, the two seeking to strike him and send him back... to whatever Hell he crawled out from.

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa missed you with his Dark Saber attack.

[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa DX
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Sorry for the delay, back."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Solright"

The swordsman manages to nimbly dodge Charon, and then it is struck in the face - by a broom. This does no damage.
Nonetheless, it pauses, sword raised, and considers. It appears to be listening to some other voice.
Elsewhere, someone is very obviously smirking.
The broom gets a glare, but the being doesn't strike out. Instead, it just opens its eyes. Oh, it has eyes, under the slime.
They're terrible red and purple orbs. They have no lids, they open, staring down at Charon and Shirou. Staring with the power of pure fatigue and ill fortune.
The smile widens as the eyes focus all of the darkness and bad things in the world on Shirou for a long drawn out period. Then, the eyes close, mercifully hidden by the slime.
Apparently the swordsman has a sense of fair play, since it didn't just smack Shirou into the darkness or call other monsters to take out Charon.
Or maybe it's more amusing to do it himself now and then.
The screaming continues, and now the DARKNESS is chanting "Persona, Persona - You don't know about MY Personaaaa."

COMBAT: You critically hit Shirou Sekigawa with your Slumpa attack.
COMBAT: The Dekaja status effect has been added to Shirou Sekigawa.
COMBAT: The Luck Down status effect has been added to Shirou Sekigawa.
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "bitches don't know 'bout my persona"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori;)
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa facepalms

Holy crap that was terrifying. This whole /night/ has been terryifying. No one would /ever/ know about this night, if he had his wish... but if he survives, someone's got to tell the tale.

The man backs off immediantly from the monster, as Charon tries one of its most powerful attacks. He tries to subvert those dark forces that the Swordsman has, trying to draw them into a maze of darkness, trying to get themselves away from this monster... and try to free those people.

"Gods... give me strength..." Shirou prays, probably for the first real time in his life, staggering but not down yet.

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa missed you with his Trial of Darkness attack.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "it's almost like you're UNLUCKY"
[OOC] Tohru Adachi says, "poor shirou"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Yeah yeah XD"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa continues to be full of fail!

The maze works! It works very well. Suddenly, there is no spotlight overhead. There are instead walls of glowing darkness filling the entirety of what used to be a mall but is slowly drifting closer and closer to true primal darkness and some event horizon where it will no longer be a real place.
The dark forces move as Shirou wills it, but like all darkness casually handled - it rebels. The dark maze forms itself, but then, it changes. Mansions rise from the darkness, houses, with lights on, grisly murders, everything out of every horror movie manifesting itself. Then the houses disguise themselves, one to a customer, looking like the homes of each of the fleeing people. They once more think they are safe. Only Shirou and the phantom swordsman can see that the houses are really manifestations of fear and hell dimensions, and the screaming begins again.
Darkness clears, but what stands in from of Shirou and Charon now is NOT the swordsman of a moment ago, not the Haunter in the Darkness. It is instead a man. His face his cloaked in darkness, and so is his outfit, but he's holding a sword and wearing a distinctive gold ring. He has a newspaper folded in one hand. Slowly, Kandori sheaths his sword, confident his appearance is fully concealed even as the Maze Of Hell becomes more and more real. Entities can be seen stalking it with flensing knives and books of dark prophecy from other dimensions.
Having put his sword wholly away, the businessman looks down, and just cocks his head to one side. His voice is calm and cool as silk, rich like honey, echoing in a space made his own: "Look, bitch. You've been judged." His left hand, holding the rolled up newspaper, begins to glow with dark energy.
"You had a chance, right? You did the hero thing. And I'm going to impart a secret."
That dark-shrouded face leans down as Kandori brings his head level with Shirou and Charon. "You failed.", and then he aims to strike the newspaper through both Charon and Shirou.
But here, this is not just an insulting smack with a paper. Seals in red liquid - blood? - cover the newspaper instead of words, and it passes through the air and (if he had his way) through Shirou and Charon, sending them tumbling into the darkness so he can work his finale.

COMBAT: Your Dark Critical ability has activated at a cost of 1 SP.
COMBAT: You have missed Shirou Sekigawa with your Deathtika attack.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "ohhhh nice."

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "COMEBACK TIME?!"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "A delay of the inevitable, but"
[OOC] Philemon says, "You're lucky he missed that one."

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "You really are. But it's good for Kandori."
[OOC] Philemon says, "And it's closer than you think."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "It staves off his "I AM A GOD" for five minutes."

[OOC] Philemon says, "I notice you guys are forgetting to +round."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "OH! I'm new to this, you jerk."

COMBAT: You receive 12 points of damage from your ongoing Damage Over Time effect.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

COMBAT: You receive 15 points of damage from your ongoing Damage Over Time effect.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Philemon says, "You can turn on autoround by +autoround/on."
[OOC] Philemon says, "I have a seperate command to tick the status effects because BOSS MODE allows you 2 actions a round."

COMBAT: The Damage Over Time effect has expired.
COMBAT: You receive 18 points of damage from your ongoing Damage Over Time effect.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "There we go."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "It does? Geez. It's almost like being in boss mode makes it a fair fight!!!"

COMBAT: Autoround has been toggled on.

[OOC] Philemon says, "And the magic of DOT finally does it work."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori nod.
[OOC] Philemon says, "And BOSS MODE is meant for the BOSS. Not for the people fighting the boss. It's so you don't have to have Area on ALL of your attacks."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "No, I meant making Boss Mode more than just an hp buff kinda gives the boss a fighting chance."
[OOC] Philemon says, "I like it when people sweat."
[OOC] Philemon says, "Boss Mode also gives you more SP."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori nod.

Shirou growls thickly as he's talked down to... a newspaper? Really? /REALLY/?!

He swipes it out of the air with his broom, face frozen in a mask of anger. "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM! You have... no clue, just like I have no clue about you... you coward that hides behind your shadows..."

Shirou's heart is full, formerly of fear but now a strange new emotion starts to bubble in there. "I may not be able to stop you here..."

He really can't figure out how to finish that sentence, so he trails off, as Charon sends another wave of darkness his way. Shirou has to lean on the broom now, panting... those poor people... he didn't want to damn them /again/...

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa missed you with his Mudoon attack.
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa has finished their turn.
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa has finished their turn.

[OOC] Philemon says, "Shirou just invoked the power of hotblood."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Oh hell no. :/"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa points to Pub-chan. "Those of us who are about to die don't want to"
[OOC] Philemon says, "Nunc lento sonito dicunt, morieris."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "...arra?"
[OOC] Philemon says, "'Now, this Bell tolling softly for another, saies to me, Thou must die.'"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "May I add "Bitch""
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "You may. ~_~"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "clearly only one thing can end this fight"
[OOC] Philemon | http://www.luminarium.org/sevenlit/donne/meditation17.php
[OOC] Philemon says, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori knows, knows.
[OOC] Philemon wrote a poem based on that once. It was fun. :F
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa facepalms. XD

Ready for this assault, the sword is out again in an instant.
Kandori stands through the darkness, the newspaper flying into the shadows as it is swatted aside. He runs his fingers over the texture of the wave of darkness, and the darkness - for its part - swoops around him and frolics like happy puppies. Kandori leans close to the darkness Shirou shot, and it seems to hug his form, he caresses it. Making sure his face is concealed, Kandori reshapes the darkness, wrapping it around his sword like a woven thread of power.
A simple, neat slash at chest height, interdicted with darkness and aimed to do more pain than damage.
Speaking once more, he announces: "You fought well. But this isn't a fight for what you think it is. You could never comprehend the beautiful thing I will forge, this day..."

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "well damn. :D"

Perhaps it's the less the real 'reality' here. Perhaps it's a portion of Shirou's will. But somehow he's able to use the broom to block his slash, eyeing him intently... he can't penetrate that darkness over his face, but he knows his voice now...

"Beauty? You sick sunnava... this is a place of madness and murder... this is the worst hell I've seen..." He spins and tries to pull Kandori off his feet, before swatting him again /hard/ with that broom.

"J-just leave these people alone, you bastard!"

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Pierce Attack - Yari attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 24 points of Pierce damage.
COMBAT: You take less damage due to your Pierce resistance.
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa has finished their turn.

[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "...I just slapped the Boss with a broom."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "This is getting EPIC"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa awesomeface.jpg

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "This is very true. I'm going to kill you now."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Worth it!"
"If you wanna be left alone, don't be on TV.", Kandori announces as the broom strikes home. Most of the attack beads off of Kandori's body as the Haunter takes the harm, but part of it makes its way through. Kandori dashes with uncanny speed. Moving into close range, past the range of the broom strikes so that he's inside the operational range of Shirou's misplaced spear. However, there's a moment there where he's thinking "This kid hit me with a broom". So, when the sword begins to glow with terrible energy and aims itself, it aims to slash across Shirou's body rather than impale him through the heart.
There's an element of respect in Kandori not going for the kill. He's an able swordsman, even without the enhancing powers of his Persona, and a sword has certain advantages over a spear if the sword user is canny. Even if he's bleeding darkness from numerous wounds.
Out in the dark of the hell-maze, some ceremony is forming up. Champagne is being opened. A sign with English and Japanese words written in crayon floats by, carried by a spleen with wings. It says "Grand Opening".

COMBAT: You have missed Shirou Sekigawa with your Wolf Fang attack.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori can't catch a break you today.
[OOC] Philemon says, "The code is mercurial."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa sees what you did there Kandori
[OOC] Philemon says, "The amusing thing is that neither of you are really set up to explor each other's weaknesses."

Shirou has learned his lessons well... or well enough at least. He pulls and pushes, trying to get away, putting that space back where he needs it as he gets Charon to incerept Kandori... with a nice big Oar. They're working together well, but this kid is still just a new kid getting lucky breaks.

"I've never /been/ on TV... I didn't call for this, it was pushed on me... and if this is my fate, SO BE IT!"

COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Dark Saber attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 25 points of Slash damage.
COMBAT: You take less damage due to your Slash resistance.
COMBAT: You have taken 36 points of Dark damage.
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori knows he has some glaring weaknesses, but that's a characteristic of being Tower.
[OOC] Philemon says, "Hah."
Kandori takes a large hit, and recoils as he's opened up. The wounds close themselves quickly. "Alright, let's try this again." A newspaper had been a dumb way to do something so powerful. It had been contemptuous, and this was a warrior worthy of some /fun/. Kandori leans down, and, taking his sword, cuts his own wrist lengthwise. A bit of blood ekes out onto the ground, but mostly what flows out is darkness pooling on what is suddenly ancient stone. The stone accepts the blood and darkness like a red-purple mixture of paint. The dark swordsman begins stalking in a circle, dragging his wrist and etching a circle of blood around Shirou.
Then, he scratches the blood with his sword as a pen - carving sigils and symbols in arcane patterns that hurt to look at. The symbols rise as he moves, and unless Shirou gets out of that circle, they rise and form a 3 dimensional wall between Kandori and the young man plus his Persona.
The power is horrible, it echoes into the air and pools around the circle, even the demons out in the shadows are taking notice.
The sigils rise, words for death and despair in languages so ancient that even Angels don't know them. They grunt and speak their words to the mind and to reality.
They say one thing. At the beginning of the universe, if a single word set the universe into being, that word is magnificent and beyond human comprehension. But if there was a word that would END the universe, stop it in its tracks by the sheer perfection of its purpose - it is this word.

COMBAT: Your Dark Critical ability has activated at a cost of 1 SP.
COMBAT: You have missed Shirou Sekigawa with your Deathtika attack.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "clearly i should give up"
[OOC] Philemon says, "Ouch."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori rage rage rage.
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa is getting more info!
[OOC] Philemon says, "You've dodged the explosion twice."
[OOC] Philemon says, "You are one lucky kid."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "But for how long?"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori likes to think of Deathtika as your life just being told to stop.
[OOC] Philemon says, "Well, it was the Dark high power instakill in P1P."
[OOC] Philemon says, "Clearly, it's just holding true to its hit rate."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "SO it's a Death Note"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa :/
[OOC] Philemon says, "Maybe more like death calligraphy."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "From me, yeah."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori looking at his passives.
[OOC] Philemon says, "You're still dead, but it looks nice."

Oh Gods this is crazy. Those words, this /power/... Shirou has to break this illusion. He has to break this spell and end this /now/ or Heaven help his soul, because it's obvious he won't.

The teen boy bumrushes the man, throwing causion /right out the door/. Charon... just groans a bit at his partner. Shirou is trying to strike Kandori right in the face, trying to /break his jaw/ to get him to stop all this. One can't focus and one can't summon when one can't speak, right?
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Pierce Attack - Yari attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 22 points of Pierce damage.
COMBAT: You take less damage due to your Pierce resistance.
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa has finished their turn.

[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "...TWICE"

Kandori's jaw is now broken, and the circle is broken in the process, stopping it. Kandori pauses and seriously considers what's going on here. His jaw heals and snaps back into place almost instantly, physical harm being negligible where he's concerned. But the broom. He has dust up his nose. Kandori sneezes a few times, sending lines of fire from his eyes and nose - the dimensional shift has apparently made magic more accessible.
Still, there is only one honorable response for a Japanese Man.
He holds up his hands. "Alright, alright. I know when I'm beat."
Kandori runs some of the blood over his sword, which begins to glow red hot, spangled along its length with massive glowing characters similar to the ones he'd just displayed on the circle.
It hangs in the air when he lets go of it, then drifts to the floor, point up. Kandori positions himself over the sword, hands on either edge of the blade, and begins to fall-
Suddenly, reality turns 180 degrees, teleporting Kandori to be standing where Shirou just was, and teleporting Shirou above the sword with the Death Runes on it - then giving him Kandori's momentum.
Laughter rises in the darkness as the sword tries to stab up through Shirou's chest.
"I've got allergies, bitch!", yells Kandori in obvious anger.

COMBAT: Your Dark Critical ability has activated at a cost of 1 SP.
COMBAT: You hit Shirou Sekigawa with your Deathtika attack.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori finally.
[OOC] Philemon says, "Well, you've made your point!"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "(Sorry, wanted to see what it would do, and also - did you just make a sword pun)"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Okay, calling a truce."
[OOC] Philemon says, "Not intentionally."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "We kill Philemon."
[OOC] Philemon says, "Aieeee"

Right, duly noted; insane swordsman dude has alergies. THAT'S A VITAL CLUE. Oh hai-is that a sword?

Shirou is run through, eyes wide as the sword punctures through the third and second rib... by all rights, he should be dead. But he isn't. This world is Darkness, and he himself has a small ability to command it, healing himself slightly enough to prevent bleeding out... But he /is/ coughing up a lot of blood.

"Y-yeah? S-sorry to have gotten the suit dirty, you crazy bastard..." His voice is weak and cracking, but his eyes are still burning brightly. He raises up and hand and clenches it, trying to crush Kandori in darkness, even as he does something /really/ stupid and pull the sword back on out...
COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa critically hits you with his Mudo attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 45 points of Dark damage.

[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa pokes Kandori?
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Sorry, got pulled off, back nao."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori down to 22 jhealth.
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "kayka-whut, really"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "I think this will decide it."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "DOT HURTS!"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Yeah. n.n'"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Heeeeee"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "One sec, sorry for the delay."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "This scene it too damn epic to give up on, work tomorrow morning be damned!"

Kandori is hurting. A broom. Really, a BROOM? Then the darkness lands, and his Persona, which would normally shield him from darkness? It's in the sword. The darkness hits Kandori unprotected, and he shouts in pain. But then the energy vanishes and Kandori is yanked closer by his persona. His hand closes on the sword's hilt, trying to maneuver it to pierce and whip around Shirou's internals like a blender.
This time he doesn't exercise his dark mercy. The swordsman tries to yank the blade out, and tenses it back so the point is level with his own ear. Using all of the momentum of his arm he moves to stab. He stabs at the exact centre of Charon's gravity, trying to impale the Persona on the human it protects.
"DIE!", now the voice is all his own and - Shirou earned it. In that moment, he sees Kandori's face. It's unlikely he's recognize it, after all, this might just be a hallucination, all of these memories might end up buried, but that all depends...

COMBAT: You don't appear to have that attack.
COMBAT: You have missed Shirou Sekigawa with your Impale attack.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has finished their turn.

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori well, I'm boned. D:
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "MAYBE."

Shirou is /still standing/. This would be his crowning moment, if someone else was around to see it. This would be a low level run of epic proportions in a different universe...

"YOU FIRST!" He retorts, summoning up all his fear and hate and rage and hope and willpower, trying to drag up any emotion he can to pierce the darkness they're in, trying his /damndest/ to seal Kandori back into the hell he's created for everyone else. Shirou isn't doing this consciously, just... doing it as Charon is struck by the sword... and physically turns to shadow to wrap around Kandori.


COMBAT: Shirou Sekigawa hits you with his Trial of Darkness attack.
COMBAT: You have taken 39 points of Dark damage.
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has been knocked out!

[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Every once in a while. Everybody lives."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "My hand is a fightin' hand? O.o"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "I had something terrible planned if you lost."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Terrible, horrible, cleared with Philemon and a bit mean. You'll see. Writing death pose."

Shirou is successful. There's nothing else for it. The screaming stops. Then it starts again. There is a long scream which echoes into the core of the place, and the darkness begins to explode. There is a rush of air inward, the scream cutting off suddenly. Shirou finds the sword is gone, his wounds, even, might be starkly lessened. The darkness slides away to a distant event horizon, unfolding off of all of the people in the mall. Everyone is returned to their position prior to the fight...
In the food court, there's a cigarette, an espresso, and a newspaper, sitting on a table, unattended. The cigarette is still lit. No one remembers anyone being seated there all day, nor serving that table. People are loath to bus it for the next week. Takahisa Kandori does not make it to work for the next week.
And there's one more thing. It is now 8:00 PM, one hour earlier than the slide of darkness began. Many people have noted this on their watches - everyone has been refunded one hour more, all of their lives are now one hour longer. No wounds, no memories retained by anyone without a persona. Shirou though - what he remembers is upto how much power he has to drag memories out of that dimension.
Distant, he might find he can hear Kandori screaming.

In a large mall in Lunarville, a scared teenager is puking into a toliet. He carries with him pain in his heart and body and in something he can't really describe... he can only remember a faceless knight and the sounds of children screaming and a man with no face, but a voice and a sword...

Shirou is alive. He can't believe it. He will write down what he can tonight, on the long train ride home, and then promptly as he can, try his best to put the demons to rest and try to sleep.

But right now, surrounded by people, Sekigawa is completely alone, tears streaming down his face as he wipes his mouth clean.

[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa is going to be scarred for a while. n.n'
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Then I did my job."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "All too well"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa would have been trapped for a week? Daaamn XD
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "This'll give rise to rumours and investigations. Naw, you'd have gotten out."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "In actuality?"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "All of the people would have been trapped forever in a loop of constant torture. We woulda returned to the mall, everyone would be just as they were, but COPIES of them, in a shifted dimension, would be tortured forever."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "...oh that is evil"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "In 1 hour intervals, resetting after one hour, forgetting the previous hour, being tortured again by the demons, then resetting. And when we returned everyone's life would be one hour shorter."
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Kandori would have had a TV installed in there and watched it in his office."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Holy hell man"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "And Shirou would know, in the last SECOND of their being in there, that he'd failed those people. Forever."
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Thus putting him on the path to become Arche-err, wrong MUSH"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "Well, it's never the wrong Mush if it's the RIGHT MUSH"
[OOC] Takahisa Kandori says, "The DVA system - Don't Make Me Use This Thing"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa snerks
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "OKay, I gotta pass out, five hours till 'm supposed to wake up for work. XD"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa has this log saved, will try to clean it up and pass it along to someone to post on LJ, and post up on KDA tomorrow
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa would lunchbox you, but... just spent the evening trying to /kill/ you XD
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa says, "Thanks for the RP!"
[OOC] Shirou Sekigawa returns to OOCness.
Shirou Sekigawa has left.
(New BB message (22/29) posted to 'KDA' by Shirou Sekigawa: Lunaville Mall)

COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has reset their health to full.

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