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[LOG] Pyro Granny goes back to school ~DOUBLE FEATURE~

WHO: Tohru Adachi, Shion Katsuragi, Pyro Granny (NPCed by Shiki Ichimonji)
WHERE: Sumaru, Seven Sisters High
WHEN: Sunday, September 5th, 2009
WHAT: Believing everything she reads about on the Internet, a confused Pyro Granny goes on a Nazi Hunt in a deserted Seven Sisters High! Inaba PD is on the case, but this old lady might be more than they bargained for...
WATCH FOR: Judo flipping, tiny foreign booze-thieving and correct assessments about Shion
BONUS: Now also includes Adachi and Shion's followup scene, which picks up where the last one left off. How amazing!

================================== Darkside ==================================
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Re: nazis.... Sun Mar 07 Shiki Ichimonji
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every1 STFU

u cant be care less with rumors adn secret sadow selves an accusign every1 of bein a nazi bcos thats jus nmot cool i fighted teh nazis back in the war & i won thru sheer spunk bac in my day we dint have bb guns n special powerd tanks like on teeve we only had courage and flam-throwers and moltov cocktails WE BEATED HITLER and foughted fire w/ fire n aside from hitler escapign into cryosleep (thats a story 4 another time tat nazi bastard LOL) every thing was JUS PEACHY i sweear it woudl make me sosad if 7 sisters harbord nazis kids thare woul b only 1 solution an that would b to mak it go up in flams n that sounds excitin but ill make my investigation n get back 2 every1 on that wish me luck lol any way ww2 is where i met my husband he said sherry u cant solve all of ur problems thru arsonism i said dear my names not sherry and i think ur really drunk but everything workd out in the end we had 17 kids and all of em workd out okay in the end dint they

anyw bbl lprcns

Earlier today, the woman known as the Pyro Granny has posted on the Darkside of Sumaru board a wall of text in which, among many things, she threatened to burn Seven Sisters High to the ground if she were to find evidence of nazi sympatizers within its walls. She is clearly not within her right mind! Will anyone take this seriously? Whether or not they do, she's here now.

There's a walker propped up against a tree planted next to the school courtyard. An odd sight indeed. But if you look up and squint, you might spot an old woman with a bright red sundress and hideous orange hat looking on with binoculars. Nope, no students to be found there either.

What could possibly be going on?! She doesn't stop to consider the fact that kids don't attend class on Sundays, because why, back in her day, they went to class eight days a week, in snow, at night, while washing their /own/ grandparents with a rag on a stic-- Anyway, the narration digresses.

Either way, the old woman, after a fruitless search, eventually comes to the conclusion that if there are students or /filthy nazis/ about, they should probably be inside, studying either calculus or Mein Kampf, whichever. That makes enough sense!

A few minutes later, the walker is gone, the tree's leaves have been set ablaze, and the old woman is past the school gates, making her way towards the actual entrance.

Really, Adachi doesn't care if the Pyro Granny *does* torch down Seven Sisters. It'd actually be pretty funny. On the other hand, given the rumor he spread on the internet states that Nazi Yuuka goes to Seven Sisters, he'd had for that rumor to die before it's even really gotten a chance to manifest as a rumor Shadow. Ah, Kotodama. Adachi never did get a chance to really fuck with you before when he was living and working in Sumaru.
So he's decided to inform Shion that he's been watching this one board and noticed what looks like an arson threat that might well be from their perp, and that they should run over to Sumaru to check the high school out for suspicious characters, just to be on the safe side. Katsuragi was gracious enough to agree--man, it's great being the boss again--and so off they go to Sumaru, hitting the pavement along the way to Seven Sisters.
"Man, though, what's this country coming to?" Adachi complains aloud as they're passing by various crowds towards the high school. "There've already been a lot of bizarre incidents over in Inaba related to teenage girls. And now there's a rumor that there's *Neo-Nazi* teenage girls, and the arsonist's going to Seven Sisters to root them out? I don't know if that's true or not, but geez, you'd think people would have more sense, Katsuragi!"
Up they come towards the high school, in time to miss Pyro Granny. However, Adachi does stop and stare at those tree leaves that are on fire. ...He refrains from smiling. "Katsuragi," he murmurs, gesturing in that direction, "do you see what I see?"

Sumaru City--that's the location of the Inaba PD's current leads, to all accounts. It's pretty bizarre that things would go that way, but such is life. Shion Katsuragi heard about the board post from Adachi, and sure enough, it matched something she'd been looking into. She might not know about the weirdness in Sumaru (aside from the fact that it's a little weird), but it was really easy for Adachi to get her to go with him.
So, it's her first mission out alone with Adachi--does that mean they're like partners for this expedition? She glances his way as he's complainin, noticing the crowds around. "You would! I bet it's all just a bunch of rumors, though. I wish people wouldn't give them so much credence, you know?" She shakes her head. "Sumaru's a better place than it's painted."

She stops short, smelling the fire before she sees the tree, and looks the same way Adachi's staring. "...Yes, sir, I do. Let's check it out." It can't be a coincidence--and there might be a few clues about who started it. "It doesn't look like it's been burning long, either. That means..."

Of course, the tree's going to burn down completely unless something is done about it, but either way, the two cops will notice two things.

The first is that small pieces of paper are falling out of the tree, partly burnt for the most part, but some of them will have writing still discernable.

The second is that coming from the tree comes from a very distinct smell, at least aside from that of burning alone. Apparently whiskey burns well, because somehow it seems to have been used to jumpstart that particular fire!

They'll probably be distracted from that quick investigation, though, by the sound of glass breaking. The school's locked front door has been broken through, and they might catch a glimpse of the flashily-dressed old woman slowly making her way in through the broken glass. Maybe they can catch up if they hurry!

Sniff, sniff. Adachi's eyes widen. Yeah, that's the smell of booze all right--he's not savvy enough to know that's whiskey *specifically*, but alcohol has a pretty distinct smell, and he's gotten drunk (and faked getting drunk) enough to know the smell.
"Hey, you there!" he yells at a nearby civilian, pointing a finger directly at them. When they point a finger at themselves in shock, he nods once firmly. "Yeah, you! That tree is on fire! Call the fire department!"
Because 'somebody call someone!' is a great way to guarantee no one at /all/ will get called, and again, Adachi doesn't want Seven Sisters to burn down. .../yet/. Either way, he turns towards Shion. "The perp's inside, Katsuragi. You grab those scraps of paper in case they're important; I'll go on inside and try to catch up!"
And with that, he'll hurry on inside to do exactly that.
It's been /so/ long since he got to boss someone around like this. Damn, it's fun.

Shion can recognize the whiskey without that much trouble, and what that says about her is totally a topic for later. No time to worry about it, though, things immediately move into action--Shion is already thinking about those weird scraps of paper when the glass over there cracks, and even approves of the way Adachi suddenly takes charge with telling somebody to call the fire department!

But wait, seriously? Shion glances at Adachi once with a 'wait, what?' sort of look before he runs off, but she gets to it. It's true that the fire department won't exactly be careful of their evidence, so Shion immediately sets to grabbing up some of the sheets of paper, with a focus on the ones that have writing. She calls, out, "Alright, I'll be right behind you!" It totally delays her for a minute, though--but not as long as it might someone who wasn't an athlete~

After that, she takes off jogging toward the door, the papers semi-carefully put away. She even glances at the writing beforehand! ...But seriously.

With such a quick glance, it might not be easy for Shion to make any sense at all out of the sheets of paper, especially with so many parts charred into unreadability. What she does see, at least, might remind her of the incoherent ramblings that were posted online earlier today, referring to nazis, a husband and kids these days. Charming!

Adachi, once inside, will easily find his suspect-- she's a small old lady with a walker, after all, not exactly known for amazing feats of speed. This might not be what will attract his attention the most, however. Currently, the Granny appears to be engaged in deep conversation with a small, foot-tall redhaired man clad in green. Yup, that's a leprechaun all right. Exactly what they're talking about is indistinct and confused, but seems to make enough sense to them!

It takes a second for the two to spot the policeman, however. The leprechaun reacts by making a backflip in the air and vanishing, but not before dropping something to the ground-- a half-empty bottle of whiskey. Granny herself just shakes her head and resumes walking away, as if the man wouldn't reasonably try to stop her. This is about the moment Shion should arrive to witness.

With Adachi leaving Shion to deal with the boring stuff, and him taking the lead, he is in time to see the old bag... talking to a leprechaun. Huh. He stops and stares, watching as the little green guy drops a bottle of whiskey when they see him, and the old lady shake her head and walk(er) away.
Huh. This... is definitely a Kotodama Shadow, isn't it? Yeah, it would kind of have to be, with that little... leprechaun... thing... appearing along with her. Adachi scratches his face, glances back to see if Katsuragi's caught up by now, and hurries on ahead.
He doesn't stop Pyro Granny, per se, but he does come up alongside her. "Afternoon, ma'am," he says, giving her a courteous nod, taking a moment to ponder just how goddamn hilarious this is. He's pretty much about to have a repeat experience with Katsuragi that he did with Dojima-san, isn't he? Except he kind of doubts Katsuragi would do something like try to take a Persona hit for him. Man, though, she is going to *freak* when Pyro Granny shows her true colors. "I'm Detective Tohru Adachi," he continues, pulling out his badge and flashing it at her, "and I'm afraid you're trespassing on school grounds. Could you stop for a moment, please?"
Don't worry. Adachi's only this polite because it would be bad form to kick an old woman's walker over when Katsuragi might see.

Rambling, rambling..."More nazis?" Shion will have a lot of work ahead of her later making sense of all this stuff, especially with the way it's mostly burnt. She catches up with Adachi just in time to see ol' granny walking off further into the building, with a bottle of whiskey on the ground. Half-empty. And...
Katsuragi watches Adachi walk up and be all polite to the grandmother in question, and she's almost disappointed that things are going to be this simple. She walks up along behind, not at all phased by the fact that Adachi's being 'good cop' too, and slips around to the other side. After all, she didn't see the leprechaun. ...Kind of weird that all those papers would be able to get into the tree if the woman's using a walker, though, isn't it? "We'll be happy to escort you on out of here." Shion smiles, being polite to her elders because she's a dutiful sort. "I'm Detective Shion Katsuragi, I'm here with Adachi-san there."

Of course, it's true. Katsuragi probably isn't going to take a persona hit for Adachi. Not that they'd have to do that, of course, because those are fairy tales. Moreso even than nazi grandmothers who like fire.

"Young people these days..." The old woman shakes her head and chuckles, not breaking pace. (Not that this would make a very big difference, mind.) "...they're always in such a hurry, and when they're not, the whole world has to stop for them. What a pity."

She continues for a few excruciatingly slow steps before finally following Adachi's instruction and stopping, then turning around to face him fully. "Why, why, even the police are in on this, aren't they, and you look like such good children, too." She gives Shion a small smile and a nod before returning her attention to Adachi. Suddenly, her squinty eyes open in front of him to reveal a wilf-eyed stare with, confirming his suspicions, golden irises. "It's those Nazis! Even to this day, they won't stop bothering an old woman like me with their loud music and repetitive electronic games! They've gotten into our school and teaching our kids german. German! Why, back in my day, we only knew one language, and we liked it..."

She... doesn't seem like she'll stop anytime soon if no one makes her.

Meanwhile, Shion might still be in a good position to catch, in the corner of her eye, sight of the leprechaun Adachi saw make a reappearance. It's going for the bottle of whiskey, and unless distracted somehow it will grab it, then attempt to escape back outside.

Probably to drink the rest.

"Ma'am," Adachi says with faux patience--helped along by his immense amusement at this situation, and the fact that he's still imagining the look on the old bag's face if he kicked her walker out from under her--and with a tone loud enough to carry over and cut into her rambling, "maybe you've forgotten because of how long ago this all was, but back in World War II, Japan was *allied* with Germany. If you fought in the war, ma'am, you'd have been fighting *with* the Nazis, not against them. It seems to me like you're kind of confused. There's no Nazis anymore, and even if there were, you sure wouldn't find them in a high school."
The older detective smiles over at Katsuragi and nods when she chimes in, introducing herself and telling Pyro Granny that they'll escort her out. "Katsuragi's right. Why don't we head on back outside and get in touch with your family? I'm sure they're really worried about you and would be real glad to see that you're all right. If you come along quietly, I'm sure we can forget about this whole breaking and entering incident."
What *is* happening with that whiskey bottle? Adachi certainly doesn't act as if he notices a leprechaun appearing and attempting to drag it away.

Shion is indulgent at first as regards the older woman, nodding in response with a small smile. Everyone's in such a hurry, sure, and probably if her children were looking after her like they were supposed to this woman wouldn't be out here breaking into schools. It's kind of sad, really, the lack of respect for the aged.
It's when the woman finally stops and then starts to talk about being 'in on this' that Shion begins to feel her patience wear somewhat. For her part, she misses the golden irises, glancing away to hide her feeling on the matter when 'nazis' come up yet /again/. Seriously, what is this, the internet?
Shion actually does watch as Adachi actually does respond to what she's saying, and given that she doesn't know what's keeping him so patient, she can just notice how cool he's being in the face of rants. It justifies Dojima's trust in him so far. She waits--he's got it handled, and maybe he's being a little short with her, but that's fine. "That's a great idea. Let's do that." The detective sets herself up to help get the nice lady out of the school, and heavily considers a solid lecture to whatever jerk just let her run off in this condition. But--

In the corner of her eye she seems something, and turns to face the small green-clad man with an expression of disbelief. "Hey, you there!" The detective takes a step toward the diminuitive foreigner. "You shouldn't be here, the school's closed! Stop right where you are." Leave the old lady's booze alone! ...Not that she should be drinking anyway, but Katsuragi still steps to block the little guy's path out. Her expression shifts, however, to slightly confused and thoughtful--how did this guy even get /in/ here without being noticed?

"Gnhkhk!" CORNERED! The old woman visibly flinches as her testimony is riddled with holes thanks to the ace detective's timely objection. You can probably imagine the rest of the references implied here, including Adachi pointing dramatically in front of a speedline background while triumphant music blares in the background.

"Why, why, I've never been so..." Of course. It makes perfect sense. But not only is that young whippersnapper cutting into her private burning time, he's also denying memories she's been taking for granted since she's been born, and /trying to apply logic to an Ichimonji's behavior/! She fumes for a moment (like, literally, it seems to be coming out of her purse), before suddenly, her walker whips into the air with unexpected speed, then back down, with the intent of clonking Adachi over the head with it!

This is most definitely not an ordinary old lady, in case there was still any doubt left. If Granny's attack succeeds, she'll try to use the few seconds she's bought herself by attempting to exit the locker area, round off the corner, and head into the hallways proper. If not, then she... might have the get serious. But how intimidating can she be? She's just a nice but confused old lady!

Meanwhile, the (very) diminutive foreign booze thief seems unhappy to also be cornered that way. Seems like there is no choice but to confront that tall lady! The small man shakes his fists and speaks up restlessly, voice high pitched and accent thick, but the words are at least understandable. "Calm down, lass! Ye're not scaring me! Hee ho! Now why don't you shake that booty of yours and let leave in peace!"

COMBAT: You hit Tohru Adachi with your Walker Whack attack.

Apply logic? To an /Ichimonji/? Clearly this is sacrilege. That Shion assumes that Adachi is acting the way he is now because he's a calm, rational person in whom Dojima-san was right to place his trust is... perfectly all right with Adachi.
It's also *amazing* to him how she's just like Dojima-san in that she can be faced with this utterly extraordinary thing and act like it's no big thing. She probably thinks he's some kind of circus midget or something. Unfortunately, this distraction comes just in time for Pyro Granny's fuming, and when Adachi notices that smoke and looks back at her, she's already got her walker in motion.
He could *probably* avoid it, given as it's coming right for his head. But it'll give Shion a reason to be the Big Damn Hero, and Adachi knows he can tank it thanks to Magatsu Izanagi holding providence in his soul right now, and it'll give him a reason to fall down and avoid a direct battle right off the bat.
Plus also uh he kind of got caught off guard BUT YOU DON'T KNOW ABOUT THAT.
*CLONK*. Down goes Adachi, crumpling onto the floor. He's more stunned than badly hurt, and he looks it, but he definitely looks like he won't be getting up immediately. "K-Katsuragi!" he does yelp, though, struggling to find purchase on the ground as Pyro Granny beats feet.

Shion lost most of her patience when the short guy showed up out of nowhere--she's still polite, hasn't made any aggressive moves, but is rapidly losing the idea that this'll just be a cute story for later. She allows her attention to divide between the midget and the old woman as she starts talking again, responding, "Hey there, ma'am, we're not trying to--" Is her purse on fire? And--

"Adachi-san!" At the same time, it seems (or maybe that's just narrative editing talking) she little thief mouths back off at her, and she gives him just the hint of a glare as she sees Adachi taken down by the sudden movement of the walker. Big Damn Hero, indeed--Shion immediately takes off in granny's direction, saying to the guy as she goes, "Don't you dare move!" That little /creep/ is not only a booze thief, he's hitting on an officer of the law in the pursuit of her duty! The /nerve/ of these people!
That said, so far she's performing just as Adachi seems to be noticing--after all, so far everything has been, if not reasonable, then explainable. As she passes her fellow detective, she says, "I've got it!" She doesn't ask if he's okay--he's a detective, too, and it doesn't look like he was hurt awfully badly. Not only that, she's expecting him to handle the midget. Instead, Shion does something that she never thought she was going to have to do--she runs an old lady down and proceeds to try to get her in a (relatively gentle) hold. She can apologize for terrorizing the elderly later, but she's not down with assaulting police officers with strength old ladies aren't supposed to have. ....Wait, what?

COMBAT: Shion Katsuragi missed you with her Self-Defense Training attack.

Granny does a little satisfied fistpump as Adachi hits the ground. "Yessss!" A few seconds later, she's made it past the corner, escaping at about... average walking speed.

The leprechaun Shion threatens grits his teeth a bit as he's glared at, and actually seems to heed the female cop's order for a second as she runs after the Granny! He puts his fist on his hips, still holding the bottle in one, nods in satisfaction, and speaks up, seemingly only to himself, but probably loud enough for the fumbling Adachi to hear. "Nice ass." Aaaand he promptly vanishes, taking the bottle with him. Figures.

Pyro Granny has, of course, not covered much ground when Shion catches up to her. She's busy fiddling around in her purse when the officer tries to apprehend her, but this doesn't stop Granny from performing a lightning-quick /judo-flip/. While her self-defense training (it says so right in the attack name!) should allow Shion to absorb most of the impact, she might not be prepared for what comes next.

While Shion is still on the ground, Granny opens her smoking purse wider, a look of surprise on her face. "Oh, now you've done it, now my cookies are burnt! You've made me /angry/! You wouldn't like it when I'm angry!" She pulls out of the purse a lit match, burning waaaay too much for such a small thing. The Granny then proceeds to blow at it, turning the match's already considerable flame into a considerably-sized fireball headed right for Shion!

COMBAT: You hit Shion Katsuragi with your Burn My Bread attack.

"It's true, she does," Adachi murmurs in agreement, watching as Shion leaves to chase after the elderly arsonist. He doesn't even bother to try to chase the leprechaun, which is just as well because the little fucker can teleport. Dammit, *he* wants to be able to teleport. Oh well, he's got sweet enough other powers as it is.
Getting up to his feet--just fine now, actually, now that Shion has left the room to chase after Granny--Adachi waits about half a minute or so. When he hears the FOOM of fire, he begins to stroll, then jog, then run after where the two of them went off to, so he can arrive running in, but arrive *just* too late to do anything.
"Katsuragi!!" he calls when he bursts in on the scene--dramatically too late!?

Shion doesn't hear the little man's comment (it's not a leprechaun), but that's just as well. She won't be happy to learn that he's gone, of course, but it means that she /also/ doesn't hear Adachi's addendum to his little assessment. (ho ho ho).
It's easy, subduing an old woman so that she'll stop doing things that endanger herself and others. Or at least, it's supposed to be easy--Shion reaches out her arm to initiate the hold, and suddenly finds her arm grabbed and her momentum used against her. Before the detective knows it, she's on the ground with the wind knocked out of her, staring up in disbelief for a second at the ceiling. She's not precisely /injured/ by it, but hell if it wasn't a shock. She lifts her head, blinking away the hiccup in her vision from the sudden fall, and--
"What?" Cookies, a smoking purse, and--a lit match coming out of a purse!? Shion starts to try to get her bearings, sitting up, just in time for the match flame to expand wildly and send what is very unmistakably a fireball right at her, leaving her with no response other than a "What the F--"
Perhaps someone will forgive her for swearing in front of her elders, but Shion is suddenly introduced to the feeling of being hit with a blast of fire, a very ironic attack on a smoker. She's knocked back again in surprise, and is only brought out of it by Adachi's sudden calling of her name. From the ground, coughing and attempting to stand back up, Shion calls, "Adachi-san, stay back! She's got--" okay how does one tell her superior 'she threw a fireball at me?'

That was more than enough time bought for Pyro Granny to make her escape. ...or at least that's the most logical conclusion, since once both cops will have gotten themselves out of their respective predicaments, she'll be long gone without a trace. Interestingly enough, however, not much further down the hallway, they'll find a lit match, still burning on the luckily not-very-flammable floor and exuding a disproportionate smell of smoke. Strange!

Perched atop the lockers nearby, however, is the leprechaun, who is apparently not totally gone. He watches over the fallen Shion, humming to himself with hesitation. Finally, he snaps his finger, bathing Shion in a very faint green haze for a second, one that should make sure whatever burns she sustained shouldn't be /too/ severe.

For some reason, he also leaves a souvenir! Both Adachi and Shion will find a card sliding at their respective feet. More precisely, it's a tarot card of the Magician arcana, lovingly hand-painted. If he notices it, Adachi will find that Igor will happily traded those for /more power/, while Shion just gets a... very nice card, unless she sends it in to forensics or something.

The leprechaun looks at the camera. "It was a very nice ass, allright?!" ...and promptly vanishes.

================= Scene 1 ends / Scene 2 begins =================

It *is* a very nice ass. :|a Tohru is crazy for Enoha and isn't interested in other women on an emotional level, but Shion *is* better-stacked (Kagura, too, but that goes without saying) and Enoha doesn't put out. No harm in looking, right?
Adachi stares at Katsuragi when she starts to tell him to stay back, then gets healed by the leprechaun. He could, he reflects, get her to be *so* paranoid by pretending he didn't see any of that. The Kotodama Shadow is already gone, and probably won't be anywhere even if they should try to hunt her down. He still smells smoke, though...
Oh, and there's a card getting slid down to his feet. Huh. He bends down to pick it up, turns it around, and tucks it into his jacket with his notebook, before looking back to Shion.
"You all right, Katsuragi? It looks like you're not too bad off, but..." He scratches the back of his head and looks around, frowning. Yup, there's the source of the smell--a lit match that is ridiculously smoky-smelling. It doesn't seem like it'll set anything on fire, but he keeps an eye on it just in case. "We should get moving. It seems like the old lady already ran for it." He grimaces and rubs his head again where he got hit. "Damn, she sure can move when she wants to..."

Probably no harm, as long as certain people don't notice that you're looking. Shion, however, is otherwise occupied--she did in fact tell Adachi to stay back. She's just that kind of person.
It might be a pretty good opportunity for paranoia, true. Right now, however, Shion is sitting back up, blinking her eyes after that strange green haze that just appeared in her vision, and whatever good feeling it was with it. Is that smoke not just regular smoke?
Nah. Before she catches her feet, she notices the card down that way, and picks it up, looking at it with a puzzled expression. Before she says anything, she hears the way Adachi mentions that the old lady has apparently just run off. "How's she move so fast? ...and why is she so strong?" She's asking herself more than anything. The detective stands up, slipping the card into her jacket pocket and looking Adachi's way. "I don't know, that was a pretty big ball of..." Shion taps her shirt a minute, feeling just below her collarbone where the burns ought to be, and pulls her hand back, confused. She looks down at her shirt--singed, but she doesn't /feel/ any burns. "Actually, I'm...completely fine." Pause. "Unless I just was at the center of an explosion and I'm in shock or dead, but probably not." She shakes her head, not laughing at her own little joke. "You're right. That smel--" She scans the area, and notices the lit match. She walks over, calmly, and bends down near it. "That's pretty weird."

"Who knows?" Adachi replies, scratching the back of his head again. He'll be fine, he muses. He didn't get hit all *that* hard, honestly, although she certainly hit way harder than he would have expected. Damn, old bag's got fire to her, haha.
"Well, that's good," he adds, rolling a smile over Shion's way. "I guess it looked worse than it really was, huh? That's lucky." He chuckles at the joke, because in reality Adachi's sense of humor is pitch black, then joins her to take a look at the match. It burns out normally, which is a disappointment, but then again, it's so mundane that it might make Shion question what the hell just happened, which might be fun to watch.
"We'll hoof around the area just in case after we talk to the fire department, and then we'll head back to Inaba," he says, looking back up at Shion. "You wait for those guys first--I'll start looking around, and when you're done, call me, and I'll tell you where I've already been. At the end of the day, we'll meet up back at the squad car. All right?"
He says 'all right?' but the briskness of his tone may give the impression that he's not really seeking her approval of the game plan. Either way, at the end of the day, they probably won't find anything new, which means, a couple hours later, Adachi's at the wheel on the road out of Sumaru.

"Yeah. Are you alright?" Shion remembers, after all, Adachi getting brained by the walker. She can't help but grin back when he actually laughs at her joke, though--that's pretty nice, a lot of people wouldn't have gone for it. "Right, that sounds good." She's not really inclined to argue at the moment--she has a lot to think about. The match doesn't add up, the fire doesn't add up--at least, she doesn't know of any incendiary devices that work that way--and the fact that she isn't hurt doesn't add up, either. At least she can get her clothes cleaned and she has another shirt. ...The tie might not be salvageable, though.
She doesn't find much new, but she does have time to consider the matter at least a little in their investigating, because it's weirder. No tracks, no signs of breaking back out, nothing. On the drive back though, Shion is sitting in the passenger's seat, looking out the window on their drive back to Inaba.

"It just doesn't add up."

Adachi was figuring some little comment like this might come up. Of course it doesn't add up; Katsuragi's approaching this from the Dojima angle, i.e. that Everything Is Mundane. It's actually a little admirable that Dojima-san *can* take that approach. He's probably a lot more sane than most of the people Adachi knows.
He wonders exactly how sane the junior detective is.
"What's on your mind, Katsuragi?" the older detective thus asks, glancing over her way briefly before returning his eyes to the road.

Sure. Things make sense, after all. Shion's old enough to be in a nice little groove as regards how the world works. It's not like she's some kid who'd immediately decide that there was some 'power' involved, or that suddenly everything didn't work the way it always had.
And yet...
Shion doesn't glance over at Adachi, keeping her focus on whatever it is on the drive that's keeping her attention. "Today." Maybe not just today. "Some crazy old lady ranting and raving about nazis and fire and teenagers being stupid. That makes sense. It's a little weird, sure, but it makes sense." She pauses, flicking her fingers idly as if she had a lighter in them. "Even so far as her resisting arrest inside, due to whatever delusions she had. Except that it doesn't add up. She was using a walker. How the hell did she get these papers into that tree? Why was she strong enough to break a school's door windows? And how did that short guy even get in there without you noticing?"
Maybe not sane enough. But then, it's not like Adachi probably knows much about her background."

Sure. Things make sense, after all. Shion's old enough to be in a nice little groove as regards how the world works. It's not like she's some kid who'd immediately decide that there was some 'power' involved, or that suddenly everything didn't work the way it always had.
And yet...
Shion doesn't glance over at Adachi, keeping her focus on whatever it is on the drive that's keeping her attention. "Today." Maybe not just today. "Some crazy old lady ranting and raving about nazis and fire and teenagers being stupid. That makes sense. It's a little weird, sure, but it makes sense." She pauses, flicking her fingers idly as if she had a lighter in them. "Even so far as her resisting arrest inside, due to whatever delusions she had. Except that it doesn't add up. She was using a walker. How the hell did she get these papers into that tree? Why was she strong enough to break a school's door windows? And how did that short guy even get in there without you noticing?"

"If I had answers for you, I'd tell you in a heartbeat," Adachi replies, which is sort of true. He has answers, they're just not for Katsuragi. "But you're right, it *was* weird. And she was real slow when we first went in after her, but then all of a sudden, poof, she was gone, like into thin air. We both saw her, and we both sure *felt* her, so it's not like we were seeing things. But..."
A sigh, before he gives her a sidelong, lopsided smile. "Well, if this line of work was easy, just about anybody could be a detective, right?"

It's a nice thing to say, anyway. Shion gives a small 'hmm' in response at first, quiet a moment after Adachi makes his response. At least he agrees with her that it's inconcistent--though at this point, rather than doubting herself, she'd have found her opinion of him lowering if he'd disagreed. But after all, she's a hotshot young detective. At his eventual finish, though, she laughs, shaking her head.
"You're right. ...Well, it's alright if you don't have the answers." She turns to actually face her fellow detective. "Do you run into things like this much? It makes me wonder..." Nazi grandmothers who are too strong. "...and for that matter, that fireball. I don't know if you saw it, but I did. I don't know of anything that could do that. And I should be needing at least first aid." She checked earlier--no burns.

Nazi-*hunting* grandmas, technically. Pyro Granny was all about burning them alive! Of course she's all about burning *anything* alive, so... Either way, it'd be retarded to claim that things aren't weird at this point when it's pretty obvious they are, and at times it's better to tell people what they want to hear. It's not as if she'd expect Adachi to know anything below the absolute surface.
"What exactly do you mean by 'things like this'?" he counters, gesturing vaguely at the air. "I mean, if you just mean 'a bizarre case that isn't putting forth a lot of answers,' our case over in Inaba is pretty much exactly that." He pauses, then he quirks an eyebrow and shakes his head. "Nnnnnoo, I didn't see any fireball... You sure you're okay, Katsuragi?"

If only Shion knew how sneaky the more senior detective is. She doesn't, however, so she just responds to what she sees and hears, though it's true that she's a nazi /hunting/ grandmother instead. For that matter, she has some clues about leads to follow up on--those papers.
At the counter, Shion engages in another moment of thoughtful silence. After a moment, she nods. "That's a good point." It is a lot like their case. Unexplained things happening that they just happen to have managed not to see. Rumors, something...wait. She turns to Adachi again, watching his face. Does he think she's cracking up or something?

"I'm fine. That's exactly why it's unusual. I wouldn't have been knocked to the ground just by seeing things, would I? ...And even if I had, what would be so fast-acting and specific as to make me see that? So it's either that she had some sort of weapon in that purse, which is still weird enough, or that she threw some sort of fireball at me. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I know what I saw." ...Not that the other officers are likely to believe it. "Did you see anything I might've missed?"

No one does! Well, some people have an inkling, but no one is aware of the full scope of what a sneaky bastard Adachi really is. That's the whole *point*.
Cracking up? No, no, that's for later, when Adachi's alone and he can indulge in just how /hilarious/ life is these days. For now, he just frowns a little at Katsuragi's statement, putting his eyes back on the road as he considers her statement. Hm. Well, if he encourages her to stick to her story, then is politely skeptical behind her back, he could probably ensure she doesn't get promoted anytime soon, if ever; after all, she has the double stigma of being a woman, and who wants to promote a woman who's clearly a little nuts? The fact that she's *right* would just make it that much worse for her. What a tragedy that would end up being.
"If that's what you think, then you ought to stick by your guns," he thus replies. Did he see anything she missed? Hahahahahahah, yeah, like he's gonna answer *that* one honestly. "I don't think so," he replies. "Whoever that old lady and her partner was, they were both lightning fast. I barely had time to get back on my feet before the little guy ran for it. That's why I came after you; I didn't think I could keep up, and besides, I was worried about you."

And meanwhile, Shion here is just talking to her co-worker Adachi-san, who of course she can trust even if he's a little out of it sometimes and seems prone to pretty nasty moods. He's a fragile little guy--could anybody blame her for trying to keep him out of what was going on with that fire? On the other hand, of course, she'd beat him six ways from here to Inaba if she had any idea what he was thinking. She's worked hard to get where she is--rightly, she should probably be Adachi's peer, instead of the junior here.
"Of course. I didn't get into this job to start lying about it, right?" Still, though, she's not sure that she should actually just go in and tell the story as it is. Maybe she should look into it herself a little first. The rest of the force probably isn't going to be as understanding as Adachi, who was there for it. "Oh, you chased hi--wait." Shion, still facing Adachi, frowns. "Her partner? That's funny, they didn't seem to acknowledge each other at all, /and/ he was stealing from her. Where'd you get the idea that they were partners?" Sure, it might make more sense if it wasn't just a coincidence. "I appreciate the concern, but you don't have to worry about me. My area of focus back before I came here was homicides. I've had closer calls than this before and come out alright. Honestly, I was more concerned for you." Especially if he couldn't keep up. Well, not everybody's good at running. Though, she was fast enough to get out. Except that she also didn't make much noise that she heard, despite the walker, and...

Why would there be any brutalizing? They're just having a nice chat, after all, Shion and her nice detective 'friend'. Co-worker. They aren't really friends yet.
When Adachi grins, Shion nods, a little slowly, turning to look out the window again after watching him explain himself about them being partners. Is that so...? "Huh. That's funny. It did look like the same thing that was on the tree, though." And that guy, short or not, would be fairly difficult to miss. But it's not like Adachi has a reason to lie, right? ...Maybe when she gets another look at those papers at the station it'll start to make more sense. "Lucky for him that it landed like that, isn't it? Instead of breaking."
Sure! She's been in a lot of trouble. It's not the time to go into why she specialized, though, is it? They're just working together. Shion doesn't smile back except for a small little acknowledgement. "Just looking out for you. Wouldn't be right to do anything less for a fellow officer."

No reeeeeeeeeason.
The funny thing is that Adachi /really isn't/ lying. "I don't really get it either," he replies. "With the old lady walking in there like that, I was just making getting her out of there a priority. I didn't expect things to go down the way they did..."
Okay, *that* part is a lie. He at least had an inkling that things would end in violence. Oh, Kotodama. "Well, he was a short guy," he replies, shrugging. "You figure a bottle's less likely to break if it doesn't fall all that far."
A fellow officer, huh? Whatever. "Mm," he grunts, going back to paying attention to the road. The driving's pretty smooth right now... Seems like they managed to miss a bunch of traffic. Adachi's not complaining, natch.

Honesty is the best way to make someone not believe you! Shion might get a chance to learn that soon. "I'm sure it'll make more sense eventually. We still have a few clues to deal with. Those papers, for instance, seemed to say a lot--I just haven't had time to sit down and piece them together yet." Of course he wouldn't have expected it. Who would? Shion nods again.
"Who would? At least now we have a better idea what to expect. I don't think I'm done with her, yet. There's a lot going in Sumaru lately with fires. The apartment where you and Dojima-san were hurt, what we just handled..." And then though she doesn't immediately have a fire to tie it to, there's the last victim /before/ the copycat.
A fellow officer. Isn't that what they're supposed to do for one another? "Well, at least we don't have to deal with much traffic."

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