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[LOG] OOC NWO Meeting, Part 2

Date: Tuesday 25 January, 2011
In Attendance: Takahisa Kandori, Tatsuya Sudou, Chizuru Ishigami, Ginji Sasaki, Anna Yoshizaka, Michio Magaride, Tohru Adachi, Tsukiko Otonashi, Toshi Otonashi, Takakazu Agano, Alexander Blair, Douglas Tanner, Ozawa, Enoha Koinose
Admin Present: Belladonna, Philemon, Theodore

Further meeting shenanigans...

Enoha Koinose says, "I don't know what people may have planned concerning JOOKKAAA, but I feel that, if there's no idea aside from 'no joker appearance yet', having the setup from Eternal Punishment coming out first, so the Masquerade has a means of storing precious kegare."
Enoha Koinose says, "Since the JOKKKAAAA isn't specifically needed for that plot."
Tatsuya Sudou coughs
You say, "if you all don't mind, may I answer that?"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "adachi <3"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Hahaha, I'm a /warlock/, Adachi. Get it straight."
Tohru Adachi says, "Do it to it, Tatsuya Sudou"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Read my homestuck chantitle"
You say, "also you'e wonderful, Adachi <3"
Takahisa Kandori also <3Dachi
You say, "*you're"
Ozawa says, "I don't get it was that a joke or just honesty :|"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But Icly I <3- Dachi"
Enoha Koinose says, "It's more just an idea for a scene, rather than 'OMH'"
Ozawa says, "oh honesty then okay"
Enoha Koinose says, "oh fumbles <3"
Tohru Adachi /rofl/
Enoha Koinose says, "er, omg"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "fumbles truly is the protaganist of persona"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "A true hero for the Japanese salaryman."
Tohru Adachi says, "i show all those salarymen what they can be if they just shove some stupid bitch into a tv"
Tohru Adachi says, "i'm living the dream"
You say, "I honestly hadn't given much thought to kegare or Ideal Energy, since we don't have tanks or Crystal Skulls. However, if it's something people would really be interested in, /that/ is definitely something we can work on."
You say, "Adachi, not everyone has AWESOME POWERS like you. :("
Takahisa Kandori says, "Well frankly Tsukiko is making Crystal Skulls"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Or something so close we can use it."
Takahisa Kandori says, "And tanks is SOMEWHERE on our tech tree. But that's up to staff. We don't "own" that NPC element thing and don't know how Pmush Joka will be."
Enoha Koinose says, "er *where"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Frankly I discourage all naked Tatsuyas"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I ALSO discourage all Jokas. But, it's a thought."
Takakazu Agano ..."I could stand to see it once"
Takahisa Kandori says, "We'll look into it."
Takakazu Agano says, "Just saying."
You say, "did...did I just see 'exploding clothing Tatsuya'?"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I'm working in that general direction actually. I'll figure something else."
Ozawa says, "i am pro naked tatsuya"
Ozawa says, "as is naomi i hear"
Takakazu Agano brofists Ozawa
Takahisa Kandori says, "Of course at this point I wanna bring up"
You say, "well, /I/ am a Tatsuya and I will remain clothed."
Tatsuya Sudou :|
Enoha Koinose says, "i meant T1"
Ozawa says, "yeah well that's why you're not a model"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "god damn it leo"
Chizuru Ishigami walks out angril
Chizuru Ishigami angrily
Ozawa says, "and are instead a scarred freak"
Ozawa continues ogling over tatsuya poster
You say, "it's only my face, Ozawa."
Takahisa Kandori says, "That TP apps are open to all and such and this mush is BUILT on the back of OCs. I know we all know it but I am of course referencing the fact my involvement is so far from needed, likewise Pyros. If we have 40 dudes there is no reason we should not have 40 plots."
Takahisa Kandori says, "And that's terrible."
You say, "Chizuru, if you want to have a threesome you need to take it up with Anna."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "'kay."
Michio Magaride says, "Well, sorry?"
Anna Yoshizaka says, "Hu-what? No!"
Takahisa Kandori laughs. "I'm not castigating, what I meant by that was..."
You say, "there's your answer."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Hey threesomes."
Anna Yoshizaka smacks Leo.
Chizuru Ishigami rofl'ing.
You say, "ow!"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "By the way, please feel free to smack me if I get too off the line here."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I meant like, don't think you need to run cool stuff by us unless you WANT our help, do your own thing, we will by and large support you if you can sell the idea as being in factional interests."
Takakazu Agano nodnods to Kandori
Takahisa Kandori says, "If you're just gonna doublecross backstab us (looking at you, Adachi), there may be consequences, but I doubt anyone in this room fails to anticipate that."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Especially Ginji."
Belladonna says, "I'd like to chime here as a general statement that OCs are valued here and are /not/ 'lesser' than FCs as a rule, in staff view."
Tohru Adachi radiates innocence
Takahisa Kandori says, "Nor in mine. As I said ,BUILT ON THE BACKS OF OCS"
Takakazu Agano nodnodnods
Takahisa Kandori sits at a table with two cabbages, forces Adachi into the other chair.
Ginji Sasaki says, "I note this as correct because both of my OCs have changed the world in some way."
Takakazu Agano says, "I just curse Souji, whom had a similar idea to mine and got it in earlier."
Takahisa Kandori says, "EAT THEM BOTH."
Ginji Sasaki says, "Akimoto maybe in a bigger way soon."
You say, "if it comes into my sphere, for instance, all I ask is that I know about it. I'll gladly help if asked, of course!"
Tohru Adachi :/ at kandori
Takahisa Kandori says, "So in summary."
Tohru Adachi force-feeds them to uhhhhhhhhhh michio
You say, "Adachi, use your Shadow powers to defeat the iocane! -oh well then"
Takahisa Kandori says, "We are here to facilitate for YOU - nooo he keeps the place clean"
Tatsuya Sudou is down a Baron :(
You say, "goddamnit Adachi I /just hired him/"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "and now people understand why I do my own goddamn thing"
Takakazu Agano ...
Takahisa Kandori says, "So, does anyone have any pressing issues. So far we've addressed the inability to foster "conspirators", conspiracy type ideas, Jokaa, Adachi and cabbages, threesomes with Anna, and the value of OCs alongside TP guidelines and our ongoing tech."
You say, "indeed, we are facilitators."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "it keeps me A) alive and b) ignorant of the fact that kandori won't screw me ."
Tohru Adachi says, "it's better this way tatsudou, this way you didn't have time to get attached"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Guys. Name some technology you'd love to see."
Takakazu Agano puts away sketch pad. Gets out a camera
Takakazu Agano tapes the insanity.
Takakazu Agano says, "..."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Try to keep ooc comments about sex on Pubchan where they belong."
Tatsuya Sudou stuffs Anna into his coat where she'll be safe e_e
Chizuru Ishigami says, "yes sir :("
Tohru Adachi says, "Hmmmm, --hahaha"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Um, tech."
Tohru Adachi says, "But hmm, tech."
Douglas Tanner says, "Chronosphere"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Time machines"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Excellent."
Douglas Tanner ^5 Chizuru
Takakazu Agano says, "Okay I'm making a rumor-monster via 'The Blair Witch' esque viral movies"
Chizuru Ishigami ^5 Douglas
Takahisa Kandori says, "If you compress sufficiently, time will compress as well, that's just physics."
Takahisa Kandori says, "*compress space sufficiently."
Takahisa Kandori says, "We can do this shizzle."
You say, "Time Compression?"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "device to make kandori pay attention to me"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Viral videos making the Blair Witch. Good idea."
Tatsuya Sudou gets out the FFVIII soundtrack
Takahisa Kandori says, "Denied, Chizuru."
Takahisa Kandori says, "There's no market for it."
Ozawa says, "i think we need to dwell more on the threesome topic"
Takakazu Agano plays a sad trombone
Takahisa Kandori says, "OZawa, pubchan!"
Tatsuya Sudou kicks Ozawa
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "A product to make your boss ogle your ageing form? I think you underestimate the market segment."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "jet packs. or do we have those already"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Lets see..."
Douglas Tanner says, "SEES has those, you guys prob. don't"
Takahisa Kandori says, "No. We have a dark hour helicopter though"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "night-vision goggles. or do we have those too."
You say, "SEES has them, we need some"
Takakazu Agano says, "Awesome"
Ginji Sasaki says, "I need to work on becomine Pmush Vincente."
You say, "PCHOOOOO"
Takahisa Kandori says, "EVERYONE has night vision goggles"
Takahisa Kandori says, "This is Japan"
Takahisa Kandori says, "For 3000 yen"
Douglas Tanner says, "THEY ARE MY LEGACY ;~;"
Chizuru Ishigami ( ._.)
Takahisa Kandori says, "You can get sunglasses that turn into night vision goggles at night"
Takahisa Kandori says, "At any stand in the mall"
Douglas Tanner says, "Yeah how else will you stalk people effectively"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Exactly."
Tatsuya Sudou looks at Bella
Takakazu Agano stalking.
Takahisa Kandori says, "They double as binoculars and if you snap the lenses there is a choloroform pellet inside."
Takahisa Kandori says, "One use only, but you get what you pay for."
You say, "I think Itsuka patented those."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Hmm, damn."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Oh well, Adachi is our Japan expert, he'll back me up."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Japan's gross national export is stalkers."
You say, "no reason we can't improve on the tech though."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Its gross national imports are, by and large, gross."
You say, "Adachi is also our stalking expert. 2 for 1."
Takahisa Kandori we are so off track we are finding christmas presents.
You say, "yay!"
Alexander Blair says, "Hrmmm."
Tatsuya Sudou bats at his catnip mousie
Takahisa Kandori says, "So let's be santa up in here. NWOites, what tools would make things easier for you in a villainous way. We don't need to be ALL CANDY ALL THE TIME, but sometimes a prop helps, and we can use tech as the core of plots."
Chizuru Ishigami slinks back into her corner, evidently ashamed, her ears flat.
You say, "Adachi, Alex, and I have stuff going, ohoho"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Look my prop is my mystic abilities."
You say, "mmm, test subjects"
Douglas Tanner says, "Grappling hooks and spyglasses"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I can't think of anything offhand, though if we want to be all Sailor Moon we probably could in fact produce an evil beauty line."
Takakazu Agano says, "Okay so I have costumes to make, monsters to create, and arts to... art."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I invite you all to listen to this:"
Takahisa Kandori says, "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaMIg_q4LeY&feature=related"
Takahisa Kandori says, "It helps."
You say, "Kandori, we need more Rocket Grunts. I /know/ /I/ have them."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Bella solved that"
Alexander Blair says, "Tech? I like the space compression thing. Bag of holding is amazing. Night vision sunglasses would be awesome. More teleportation items perhaps. And I personally I love pets. Demon pets or robopets."
COMBAT: Takahisa Kandori has activated SEBEC Security.
You say, "orite"
You say, "POKEMON"
Takakazu Agano perks
Takahisa Kandori says, "Please don't refrain from using them all"
Alexander Blair says, "Peeeeeeeeeeets."
You say, "Kandori, we were going to get Pokemon!"
Sayori Kaizumi says, "..."
Takahisa Kandori says, "The general proliferation of bound demons is discouraged, it makes Akari less special"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But yes, Bella knows about all 3 of my pokemon ideas."
Chizuru Ishigami slips a document over to kandori. it only has an 'X' and a line.
Takahisa Kandori says, "I have not submitted any for approval yet"
Alexander Blair says, "Oh!"
Philemon says, "Bound demons aren't something Persona users really want to deal with at this stage, actually. Trust me."
Alexander Blair says, "Vechicles."
Takakazu Agano could also go semi-undercover to like SEES or something
Chizuru Ishigami says, "seriously though, stuff that can help me search mysticism and stuff."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Akari's a special case because she is scary."
Takakazu Agano says, "No one really knows me outside of Zabu"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I have GOT to get all up in douglas' face here"
Philemon says, "And crazy"
Takahisa Kandori says, "VGehicles we can do."
Philemon says, "And might not actually exist"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Akari is a dream inside her own mind"
Takahisa Kandori says, "She is a senshi, the true self."
Philemon says, "Solipsism, ho"
Tatsuya Sudou :|
Takakazu Agano says, "Slopism?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Solipism. WE can discuss it later."
Alexander Blair says, "And Dark Hour tech, if you want to start to rip of SEES stuff. Or do you all want to leave that more Kirijo-exclusive?"
You say, "solipsism, the idea that you are the only one in the universe."
Takahisa Kandori says, "WEll I have Kirijo stuff."
Takahisa Kandori says, "No worries on that"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Buuut, I am Icly scared of tartarus"
Alexander Blair says, "Then defintially Dark Hour Tech vechicles."
You say, "the robotics plot will rub up against SEES and Kirijo, don't worry."
Chizuru Ishigami twitches at the mention of tartarus.
Takahisa Kandori says, "It's my fault and I'm secretly scared it /knows/."
You say, "by association."
Takahisa Kandori says, "(Spoiler: It does)"
Alexander Blair says, "How 'intresting'"
Belladonna says, "I'd also give a moment, when thinking the NWO"
You say, "and I do mean 'rub' in every way possible."
Belladonna says, "to consider something that some folks do and others may or may not always"
Tatsuya Sudou :]
Alexander Blair says, "The Masquerade needs awesome rides."
Takahisa Kandori says, "They don't."
You say, "we can already teleport."
Takahisa Kandori says, "They use subspace highways"
Takakazu Agano looks to Bella
Alexander Blair says, "I CAN'T. Geeze."
Douglas Tanner says, "Portable holes"
Takahisa Kandori says, "There is, unfortunately, this really convenient one inside my head."
Takahisa Kandori :(
Philemon says, "I thought the Masquerade teleported through the power of their skulls"
Philemon says, "Which... they don't have"
You say, "we can't go to Canada, sadly, but no one wants to do that anyway."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Oh, do the skulls need to do teleporting too? Noted"
Belladonna says, "Well, much of IS's stuff is"
Belladonna says, "'goddamn Joker bullshit'"
Philemon says, "jokerrrrrrrrr"
Alexander Blair says, "Which is always fun!"
Philemon says, "Maybe I'm just durping right now"
Philemon says, "Or confused"
Philemon says, "Maybe durpfused"
Belladonna says, "it happens to the best of us"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Well we came up with an alternitive to the skulls right now?"
You say, "we have a long, drawn-out, and highly technical explanation for it. It's limited and is incredibly tedious, and does not go to Canada."
Philemon says, "No Canada, got it"
Ginji Sasaki says, "That way we can teleport and basicly trollface when necissary?"
Belladonna says, "Actually"
Belladonna says, "that part already exists"
Belladonna says, "and it's not the skulls"
You say, "there are no subspace highways in Canada."
You say, "so we can't go there."
Takahisa Kandori says, "There are, just no one knows about them"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Also, man, Canada sucks"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I'm guessing the purpose of this thing you're describing is to be able to beam out and leave the Sailor Team to fight your daimons."
Ginji Sasaki says, "Or else how would America stay afloat?"
You say, "no, that is not the idea."
You say, "if I'm reading it correctly."
Belladonna says, "Though actually--yes, Tsukiko, that's much of what it was used for in canon"
You say, "/here/, it has a different purpose."
Douglas Tanner says, "Q: can you guys be telefragged ( +_+)"
You say, "and it's self-policing."
You say, "telewhat?"
Ginji Sasaki shoots Doug.
Ginji Sasaki says, "Next question."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I've lost track a bit, what's the thing we have now then?"
Douglas Tanner collapses in a pool of his own blood
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Broadly of course"
Ginji Sasaki says, "We have a Engineer with a cloak and dagger follow us around."
Belladonna says, "In broad strokes"
Belladonna says, "the NWO has access to a very horrifying form of teleportation"
Ginji Sasaki doesn't even know how we do it.
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Magick."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "With the -ck"
You say, "it's a way to explain the teleportation power the Masquerade executives have in IS."
Alexander Blair says, "Veeery horrible."
You say, "it's pretty awful, yes."
Belladonna says, "And the details are currently being sent to me to make sure we're all on the same page"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Is it orphins?"
Belladonna says, "Not quite"
You say, "it is not."
Douglas Tanner says, "Damn"
Douglas Tanner says, "I was hoping to get some of them out of my hair"
Belladonna says, "But it's not that far off"
Belladonna says, "That one we can continue on /for the moment/, as some of that is pending stuff that's beyond the scope of the meeting"
Belladonna says, "feel free to continue on tech discussions"
Belladonna says, "er, continue /past/, rather than on"
Takakazu Agano smokes something dubious. "I dunno I'm good."
Belladonna says, "I /will/ say, in answer to something earlier"
Takahisa Kandori has reconnected.
Philemon wants to make a point about villainy and the NWO. "The NWO is not a nice place. You guys engage in blackmail, coercion, assassination, bribery, kidnapping, defamation, human experimentation, Black Science, Dark Occultism, and murder to achieve a goal that in canon, destroys the world. You might want to be a Sensitive New Age NWOer, but in the end, you're getting paid in blood money and you're expected to advance the cause of the Conspiracy."
Belladonna says, "This doesn't mean that there's no room for nuance; quite the opposite. You can believe that the sacrifices are /worth it/, and in fact, perhaps they are."
Belladonna says, "But--to a point--embrace villainy."
Belladonna says, "You guys are the Conspiracy, you are The Man."
Ginji Sasaki :is basicly driven by greed.
You say, "an excellent point. I think we all do that."
Philemon says, "I know you all do."
Takakazu Agano is driven by whomever-gives-him-his-stash
Michio Magaride says, "It's not like we know that it would destroy the world, we think it'll just destroy part of it, the part that's dirty."
Belladonna says, "Precisely, Michio"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Yep. You can have ideals, but BE WILLING TO KILL, to maim, to do terrible things. If you wanna be liked, that's fine. If you wanna be liked to the point it stabs US in the foot, On The Take is probably your cup of tea."
Philemon says, "But it pays not to lose sight of this point OOCly."
(New BB message (15/14) posted to 'Tarot Readings' by Elizabeth: Evil Priestess)
Takahisa Kandori says, "And we are willing, to, well, do ruthless. Yep. Good to be refreshed on that."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Now."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Chizuru wants to say something and is a shy retiring wallflower."
Belladonna says, "Good times."
Takahisa Kandori says, "So this is another one for the "raise it again later" as she comes to prominence and says stuff."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Oh go screw someone, Kandori."
Douglas Tanner says, "isn't that your job"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I am /typing/."
Takahisa Kandori <3
Chizuru Ishigami Shuddup Doug <3
Takahisa Kandori says, "Haha"
Douglas Tanner says, "sorry couldn't stop myself"
Takakazu Agano says, "Too bad Kandori can"
Takakazu Agano says, "BAZING"
You say, "children..."
Takakazu Agano says, "Sorry, sorry"
Takakazu Agano puffs more on his 'cigarette'
Ozawa mmmm stabbing the foot
Chizuru Ishigami clears her throat. "So we've had discussions of the good things of the NWO, the things we've had some issues with, plots, tech-related shenangians, how to get more involved, and in general, who the NWO is in relation to the rest of the grid. However, now I wish to discuss a topic of villianry that is right up my alley(Although it is Kandoris' thing too mostly, but shut up I wanna be useful to this conversation) and that is... mystical stuff, unrelated to the Joka/Kegare things. Is there anything you'd like us more mystical villians to do? Do I need to come up with more plots to lot Tatsuya1 in a TV world with no one else but females? Give me your demons."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Doug, I'm looking at you."
Takakazu Agano will get back to you on that Chizuru
Takakazu Agano has to run and shower. bbiab.
Douglas Tanner says, "What, why are you looking at me"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Why do you think"
Philemon will add that you guys do have the capacity to harvest Kegare now and have been able to do so from the beginning of the MUSH. It's currently being used in Lib production.
Douglas Tanner says, "oh"
Takahisa Kandori nod. "I'veu sed it at other times after having been told we had it."
Ginji Sasaki says, "Explain to me what Kegare is?"
Philemon says, "It's like kitten huffing with Shadows"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I'm down for seizing Tatsuya for ladie's night out. Also that's good to know, Phil."
Philemon says, "But to be less stupid"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "The best analogy I've heard is, you ever see Ghostbusters 2?"
You say, "yes!"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Yes?"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "It's the evil slime."
Tatsuya Sudou *bricked*
Belladonna says, "Tsukiko's a good go-to-type for matters mystical in the NWO, as actually is Sudou."
Tatsuya Sudou waves
Belladonna says, "It is. Kegare is sort of"
Ozawa huffs nepeta
Belladonna says, "in one respect, it's 'sin'. In antoher, it's negativity"
Belladonna says, "It's a major plot element in EP."
Ginji Sasaki says, "So how do we get this stuff?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Ozawa x Gamzee x Nepeta OTT"
Philemon says, "BAsically, it's a method of scooping the cream of the Shadow off the top and distilling it into evil black goo. It makes the people you do it to get an emotional high for a while and can be psychologically addictive. What you USE it on? Well, it's LIQUID SHADOWBITS. What do you WANT to do with it?"
Ozawa says, "by harvesting raped souls."
Douglas Tanner says, "Use it on orphans."
Takahisa Kandori says, "We have"
Douglas Tanner says, "Everything comes back to orphans."
Philemon says, "Orphans are always a good choice"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Power terrible energies"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Reactors"
Belladonna says, "Those who lose all of their Kegare become functionally :) and... only :)"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Our helicopter runs on it"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Akari lost all her Kegare then came out the other side"
Takahisa Kandori says, "She had all the :D"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Forever."
Ginji Sasaki says, "So it's like...removing PART of their shadow?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Yeah. But part that grows back"
Philemon says, "The NWO hasn't gotten punched for it yet because you guys have been smart enough to spread it out and let the kittens regrow their huff- I mean, people and recover Shadowbits"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I'd love to play with kegare more mostly because that's what I /do/ in the game."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Yeah. If we needed a lot in a hurry"
Takahisa Kandori says, "We could...well"
Ozawa says, "mmm kittens"
Takahisa Kandori says, "We will."
Philemon says, "BEcause otherwise you'd have some very, uh"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "also because I'm an evil bitch and kandori gets shown my stabs later."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Let's face it."
Philemon says, "Messed up people out there"
Sayori Kaizumi has disconnected.
Takahisa Kandori says, "Not if we kill them when we're done raping their souls!"
Takahisa Kandori says, ":D"
Belladonna says, "You could say it's part of their SHadow, you could say it's part of their soul"
Takahisa Kandori says, ":D"
Takahisa Kandori says, ":D"
Ginji Sasaki says, "One's shadow is their soul. technically."
Belladonna says, "either way, the NWO is hard at working using it to do terrible things"
Belladonna says, "Not quite, Ginji"
Belladonna says, "not quite at all"
Philemon says, "Depends on your definition of soul"
Takahisa Kandori says, "We basically have tanks of it, and it's involved in some of our ideas."
Belladonna says, "But it's an important part of a person"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Regardless of our soul definitions"
Takahisa Kandori says, "mess with it enough and someone is nonfunctional from our point of view as a whole person""
Belladonna says, "Recommended reading on Kegare is 'Persona 2: Eternal Punishment'"
Philemon says, "You guys functionally have 'enough' Kegare for general use."
Takahisa Kandori says, "And if we ever need extra we get some cows I mean sheeple I mean people."
Takahisa Kandori says, "And ???"
Ginji Sasaki has no idea what I would even use it for.
Takahisa Kandori says, "Profit."
Ginji Sasaki besides give to my minions or stuff
Takahisa Kandori says, "Basically almost anything you'd use MA-347 for but don't wanna use MA-347 on"
Philemon says, "Look at these people, funny how sheep'll show up for the slaughter~"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Or, most things involving demons since it creates a psychic weight in the world making it easier for terribles"
Takahisa Kandori says, "No sign of Penny good I would give anything not to have her seee~"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Here comes no mercyyy~"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Anyways, Chizuru's a mystic/onmyoji(NOT A WITCH DAMMIT) so I sort of want to play this up."
Philemon says, "wiiiiiiiiitch"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "How else am I supposed to explain a 75 magic stat"
Philemon says, "witch witch witchypoo"
Chizuru Ishigami anger of the earth philemon
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Ha ha, witches, how ridiculous."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I LOVED Kiki's Delivery Service~"
You say, "don't say witch in my presence, that's guaranteed to cause problems"
Tsukiko Otonashi AFK, inscribing elder sign
Douglas Tanner says, "As for Mystical Villainy, do some... mystical stuff. I mean, I've been around a while and all the mystical mumbo-jumbo I see is admin-run plots or secret Akimoto dickery."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I have a specific plan to do exactly that."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I gave you mystic the other night!"
Takahisa Kandori says, "What do you want"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "So clearly I need to corner Ginji's player and plot with him, and plot with Tsukiko."
Douglas Tanner says, "Go out there and magick up a riot!"
Ozawa says, "that reminds me I also have to work out my custom app but I've been stumped on what to do for alternate abilities"
Douglas Tanner says, "I apologize, Kandori did that too"
Belladonna says, "and if we get a Junko, she's solid for this too"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "How about I just lick my lips and pin you to a wall, douglas"
You say, "I do some quiet mystical stuff, and could stand to do more."
Douglas Tanner attack Tsukiko=Elder Sign
Takahisa Kandori says, "A giant vat of Kegare and I dump dogs inside and run cosmic rays through Thora into the vat and cause CONSTANT RADIATION to run through creating a giant dog made of hellish Kegare and then I put Hitler's brain in it, douglas?"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Branch, not star."
Takahisa Kandori says, "is that what you want?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Fine you got it."
Ozawa says, "Hitler is more of a cat"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I know, he's going to have species dysmorphic disorder."
Takahisa Kandori says, "An especially PISSED hitler."
Douglas Tanner says, "Kandori I have dealt with Hitler's brain before in my MUSH career, I can do it again"
Sayori Kaizumi has connected.
Douglas Tanner says, "screw you, star not branch"
Ozawa says, "that's actually true"
Chizuru Ishigami snogs Douglas, walks off
Ozawa says, "but what he is not mentioning"
Douglas Tanner wh
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Branch!"
Sayori Kaizumi has disconnected.
Ozawa says, "is that he dealt with hitler's brain by giving it a cyborg body"
Douglas Tanner says, "technically I didn't give it a cyborg body I gave it to a guy who gave it a cyborg body"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Douglas Tanner"
Takahisa Kandori says, "do you want to jointhe NWO"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I will just give you my job"
Takahisa Kandori says, "And retire to Fiji"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Take me with you"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Like, seriously."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I will"
Ozawa says, "douglas the point is that you were very closely related to the construction of cyberhitler"
Douglas Tanner says, "that's true i was"
Tatsuya Sudou facepalms
Ginji Sasaki says, "He was."
Ginji Sasaki says, "I remember this."
Douglas Tanner says, "and then i got choked by the bionic commando"
Philemon says, "Look"
Ginji Sasaki says, "THE LEADER was nigh unkillable."
Ginji Sasaki says, "We had to ABUSE THE LAWS OF REALITY, to kill him."
Takahisa Kandori says, "We need to have these meetings more often"
Takahisa Kandori says, "This has been more entertaining than most scenes."
Belladonna says, "ouch"
Ginji Sasaki says, "Burn"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Meow"
Takahisa Kandori says, "That's a compliment to this not an insult to scenes"
Douglas Tanner says, "Okay anyway look I don't want your job because I can't oppose myself"
Douglas Tanner says, "Well, easily"
Takahisa Kandori says, "can too"
Takahisa Kandori says, "TYou just have to read this book"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I maintain if you don't come out of a scene or a pose laughing, something is wrong"
Takahisa Kandori says, "The resulting sanity loss will make opposing yourself SO EASY"
Takahisa Kandori says, "RULE 1 NEVER READ ANYTHING, I know."
Douglas Tanner says, "I didn't get where I am today by reading all the book, Kandori"
Douglas Tanner says, "I burned some of them"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Man now I need to play Arkham Horror."
Douglas Tanner says, "But human flesh is really hard to burn"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But yes, Kegare has not been used much"
Douglas Tanner says, "We're working on that for internets I will tell you how it goes, back on topic now"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I have to be honest."
Tsukiko Otonashi makes a note
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I was not aware kegare was in use ICly already."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Well, Chizuru, you still have the floor unless anyone else wants it."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Yeah, this was news to me too. Good news though"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Oh, well, then you have a whole hell of a lot of options."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Which makes me feel like a /really/ big derp."
Takahisa Kandori says, "No it's fine. There's no news or wiki file on it. which is MY fault."
You say, "it was also news to me."
Douglas Tanner says, "(star)"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I will submit a request, possibly a subfile of NEWS NWO, via +request"
Chizuru Ishigami coughs, acks as she lost her thread of thought
Takahisa Kandori says, "I will actually be trying to do an NWO Theme issues overhaul over the next bit to get more info for potential appers out there. I've been formulating it for a bit."
Ginji Sasaki says, "I blame Yosuke, actually."
Takahisa Kandori says, "So, not wanting to further distract Chizuru, I'll shut up."
Ozawa says, "i basically am going to have maki befriend douglas precisely so she can read all the stuff he won't"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But later on I WILL raise "what kind of info is important enough we better put this in a file somewhere" as a topic."
Ozawa says, "'what are you doing??' 'i'm reading the sanity draining glyphs to decipher their meaning!'"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Ah, right."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Barring Chizuru-the-bitch, would anyone like to see more Wang Long Dragon centered shenanigans."
Alexander Blair says, "I wouldn't mind it."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I don't quite know what that is, Chizuru; can you elaborate a little?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I would not mind at all."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Bitch."
Takahisa Kandori <3
You say, "it's on the wiki too, if it helps."
Ginji Sasaki says, "Her wang is long?"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Tsukiko, Chizuru's more public facade is that of a fortune teller, who is pretty-well known for being one of the best at reading the Wang Long dragons."
Takahisa Kandori says, "The Wang Long is frankly bullshit she just KNOWS"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "The Wang Long is actually just bullshit, it's just a front for that Extra Sensory Perception skill."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Yeah but what are the wang long dragons?"
Belladonna says, "That may or may not be so, but the dragons themselves"
Belladonna says, "each month has a dragon"
Belladonna says, "known as a 'Guardian Dragon'"
Chizuru Ishigami beaten to it by Bella
Takakazu Agano has disconnected.
Belladonna says, "the part that Chizuru uses uses these dragons to determine compatibility between people"
Belladonna says, "the chart is, I believe, on the wiki somewhere"
Belladonna says, "It's basically 'kind of like the zodiac, but not'"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Oh, OK."
Belladonna says, "Chizuru isn't just a random psychic"
Tatsuya Sudou | http://www.divisionbyzero.org/personawiki/Wang_Long_Fortune_Telling
Belladonna says, "Chizuru is someone who is a practiced occultist"
Belladonna says, "and that's part of what she has studied and is using"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Yeah. Basically even if they WERE bullshit, they represent the paths her mind goes down"
Belladonna says, "and as part of EP, it becomes more, huhhh, /obvious/ as kotodama backs some of what she says up"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "OK cool! Sorry for the derail."
Belladonna says, "no no it's fine"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I was thinking it was like a triad or something"
Takahisa Kandori says, "they're HOW she interprets what she is learning and how she does what she does. Chizuru don't need no Persona."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "no, this is an important derail"
Takahisa Kandori says, "She just kinda winks"
Takahisa Kandori says, "And does this pouty lip thing, and the spirits come running"
Takahisa Kandori has partially disconnected.
You say, "I use Western astrology to make it happen."
Takakazu Agano has connected.
Takakazu Agano returns
Anna Yoshizaka says, "Welcome back!"
Takahisa Kandori has come to understand, icly, it's all showmanship
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Yeah, the way Chizuru works is..."
Enoha Koinose gets to bed- "Thanks for letting me sit in while I could!"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "strange, odd, and when it gets down it, sort of almost gloriously gorgeous"
You say, "but Chizuru's mo better at the occultiness."
Douglas Tanner just specs into countermagic
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Plus it hurts when earth 8 is dropped on your head"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Trust me ^_^"
Belladonna says, "Chizuru is specifically an occultist, though, yes"
Tatsuya Sudou sagenods
Douglas Tanner says, "yes, yes it does"
Belladonna says, "not just a psychic with trappings"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Good, good."
Takahisa Kandori nod. "She is who we go to."
You say, "she's an onmyoji."
Takahisa Kandori says, "She really holds by what she does and takes it seriously, and doesn't brook insult, was always my thought on it."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "See: Yesterday when I got called a witch."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Be more in our faces, insist compatible people sit next to each other, Chizuru."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Kandori if I wanted to do that I'd drag you off."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "So shut up."
Enoha Koinose has disconnected.
Takahisa Kandori says, "Play Matchm- what are we compatible"
You say, "oh, that /pissed me off/, Chizu-nee."
Takahisa Kandori says, "really"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Not answenrig that."
Takakazu Agano kerblinks
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Anyways I'm done here. I've got good leads for RP and plots."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Good. Anyone else have something to raise?"
Takakazu Agano says, "...nope"
Ginji Sasaki says, "I do,."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Then, yeah. What important theme stuff/elements about the NWO do you guys think should be put up like, in the NWO news file/on the wiki? What kind of things would yuou love to see more of? Experiments? Mobsters? Businessmen?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Oh, scratch that. Go, Ginji."
Ginji Sasaki says, "THE RECENTLY DECEASED!"
Takahisa Kandori says, "oh well"
Takahisa Kandori says, "beetlejuice beetlejuice"
Takahisa Kandori says, "beetle"
Takahisa Kandori says, "juice"
Ozawa watches nanashi no game
Ginji Sasaki says, "We will then dance to thriller."
You say, "just like in FFVIII!"
Takakazu Agano ...
Takakazu Agano facepalms.
Anna Yoshizaka says, "I for one would like to see us recruiting more and placing more seeds of doubt in other FC and OC's minds. Ie. Wait, the NWO was trying to -help- Thora? Annnd then that will make our evil deeds that much more insidious when we perform them if people start having misgivings about us."
You say, "yeees, excellent. I love that sort of thing."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I think that's something we can ask for and work towards but in my experience it would probably be best... how can I put this without sounding like an ass."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Trying to do it is fine, don't expect it to work in a way where you'll be in serious trouble if it doesn't."
Belladonna says, "Yes, I'd agree. It's great to shoot for, but try not to rely on it if you can help it."
Ginji Sasaki says, "Getting that response requires selling on the part of the PCs"
You say, "it does, yes."
Ozawa says, "or doing it well to start, which is actually very hard"
You say, "which is why we can't /rely/ on it, we can only set up the dominoes."
Philemon says, "I look in this room and I see a great factional core. you guys have the numbers and power to make yourself felt MUSHwide. Work together. Go out and break things. Confuse them. Misdirect. Do all those nasty things I mentioned. Turn some people to the dark side. Go shake the pillars of heaven. Everything is awesome and it's there for you guys to make use of it. The admin are here to help facilitate your ideas. Let us know how we can help!"
Ozawa says, "so honestly I'd prefer less of it, and have it be more focused."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Yeah, it's actually tricky to do in my experience."
Anna Yoshizaka likes a good challenge.
You say, "I have been working on the dark side turning, Phil. ;)"
Takakazu Agano says, "Yeah, Shirou's had so much of it done on him that he's coming back out the other side not caring at all"
Ozawa says, "like general 'YOU ARE THE REAL VILLAINS WE KNOW WHAT'S BEST' has actually had the opposite effect for me whereas say cornering guy in a room tends to work better"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "'No dude, pretty sure it's you'"
Philemon says, "Yeah, you can't just propagandize, that just pisses people off"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Propaganda is only fun IMO if it's like so ridiculous it's like Starship Troopers FedNet TV."
Belladonna says, "I love that stuff"
Takakazu Agano says, "..."
Takakazu Agano says, "Duly noted"
Belladonna says, "Also, a valuable resource:"
Philemon says, "Basically satirical? :D"
Takakazu Agano 'Would you like to know more?'
Belladonna says, "talk to people OOC if you want to set stuff like that up, too"
Ozawa says, "yeah that's generally going to be the response, as you saw last night."
Douglas Tanner handraise, "I don't know about other (quasi-)protagonist-types, but if you guys want to mess my stuff up I am generally down."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "Yeah, that's also a big key"
Michio Magaride says, "Turning people to the darkside takes someone who can cooperate, it's rare."
Douglas Tanner says, "Consequences will be damned."
Philemon says, "WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE?!"
Tatsuya Sudou looks up. "What about last night?"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "How do you mean?"
Ozawa says, "'NWO postured about ethics, KDA was like 'yeah whatever'."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "If you mean like 'hey were they - /helping/ Thora?' That is in my experience not something you get much results out of from leaning on it. If you bring it up it can easily be countered with 'yeah, like Mengele was helping Judaism'."
Takakazu Agano says, "Yeah, Ozawa"
Takakazu Agano says, "Had Shirou been thinking more clearly, he'd tell Kandori that his debts were payed back; re: the sun mall incident"
Anna Yoshizaka says, "Well, the attempt can be just as entertaining as the pay off. We don't need to succeed all the time. :/"
Belladonna says, "That is a very nice thing to remember, Anna"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "No, I agree Anna."
Takahisa Kandori says, "I have considered them paid for a long time, Shirous"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Sometimes it's /fun/ to lose."
Takahisa Kandori always considers losing.
Takakazu Agano says, "You do, I dunno if he does. :3"
You say, "it /is/ fun to lose, especially if we still /succeed/."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I totally agree."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "I suppose I meant like, don't get married to the idea of it working... I say this mostly from past experience in other venues c_c"
Anna Yoshizaka says, "Plus, all the goody-goods rallying around their friend being tempted by the ooooh 'darkside' could be a great plot for them that we helped facilitate."
Chizuru Ishigami rofl
Tatsuya Sudou grins
Chizuru Ishigami says, "I need to go annoy Baofu again."
Anna Yoshizaka says, "Thus, we scratch their back with RP hooks and hopefully they get the idea and scratch our backs too."
Belladonna says, "reciprocity"
Belladonna says, "I love"
Belladonna says, "reciprocity"
Belladonna says, "so much"
Takahisa Kandori nod. "Basically there is also "they may know you're evil, but they won't backstab you"
Tatsuya Sudou gets Anna another appletini <333
Takahisa Kandori says, "In every plot I've been in, people hesitate before double crossing villains."
Ozawa says, "If you're cool with losing it's fine, but if you come on heavy it's not actually fun for the other side anyway"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Because some part of them is like "you know""
Tatsuya Sudou griiiins
Takahisa Kandori says, "this is gonna bite me, narratively""
You say, "if people betray King Leo, he gets *upset*."
Takahisa Kandori says, "So even if they don't think we're GOOD, and god knows I have said "I have basically killed babies to extend the lives of the guilty""
Takahisa Kandori says, "Even if they don't think we're good, we can still "Do business" in a way that is not completely hostile"
Takahisa Kandori says, "If simply from the proposition that we are business men. We do business."
You say, "just like a proper Lawful Evil organisation."
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "We're better* than Strega (*- arguably worse, oblivion may be better than eternal slavery)"
Ozawa says, "oh I don't think anybody is saying you shoudl be evil mcevilpants 24/7 from evilsvania"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But you can be if you wanna be."
Takahisa Kandori says, "We're not saying DON'T be."
You say, "there's room for that here."
Takahisa Kandori says, "(but slavery has that thing with the bull whip and the masks and the carousel, so it's not ALL bad)"
Toshi Otonashi says, "... oh my god we're the Dark Carnival"
Takakazu Agano says, "HONK"
Alexander Blair <_<
You say, "we aren't going to kick all the Evil McEvilpants people over to Strega. They may have goals in line with ours, or they might be useful."
Takakazu Agano says, "..."
Ginji Sasaki says, "honk"
Alexander Blair says, "Sei is not a clown."
You say, "he is not, Alex."
Takakazu Agano says, "bUt I aM"
Ginji Sasaki says, "HONK MOTHERFUCKER"
Philemon apps Jester Capricorn
Ozawa says, "HONK"
Chizuru Ishigami has disconnected.
You say, "he's the smiling guy who takes your tickets."
Takahisa Kandori approves of Jester Capricorn
Alexander Blair says, "Indeed!"
You have never been so scared in your entire life.
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "The dark carnival is your invitation"
Takakazu Agano starts to rewrite things from his app
Takakazu Agano retcons
Takakazu Agano becomes slightly more unhinged because shit guys
Takakazu Agano says, "Let's be sadists"
Tsukiko Otonashi handwobbles
Takakazu Agano D: Man he though tthat was a good one OH WELL.
Chizuru Ishigami has reconnected.
Chizuru Ishigami E_E At Shirou
Takakazu Agano :D
Takakazu Agano says, "Just pray that Taka never sobers up"
Takakazu Agano says, "..oh wait Zabu already made him"
You say, "how terrible!"
Takakazu Agano says, "Inorite"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "NO."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Kandori, I quit."
Chizuru Ishigami throws the rune sigil over her left shoulder, stalks out.
You say, "Chizu-nee ;_;"
Douglas Tanner says, "You can't quit you're hired"
Douglas Tanner makes Chizuru a cashier
Chizuru Ishigami quits this too!!
Douglas Tanner holds her hostage from herself
Takakazu Agano seriously could turn into that though, given RP and the fact that his persona is artificial and likely to loose control of it.
Takakazu Agano says, "But that's for later, sorry for hijacking"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Before we devolve entirely into an orgy"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Let's end it here for now."
Takahisa Kandori says, "Any other business?"
Tsukiko Otonashi says, "how often should one smoke weed"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Depends on chet rating vs. Rank"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Then I declare this meeting of the Midnight Crew closed."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "Yahoo!"
Chizuru Ishigami throws a cupckae.
Douglas Tanner throws sand on the fire
Douglas Tanner roll credits
Belladonna says, "Douglas"
Belladonna says, "that show"
Belladonna says, "<3"
Belladonna brb
Takahisa Kandori precisely.
Alexander Blair says, "Yay! Cupcake!"
You say, "you've just made Bella very happy, you know that?"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Are You Afraid of The Dark. Mmmmm"
Takahisa Kandori says, "God I have every episode."
Tatsuya Sudou sagenods
Takahisa Kandori this was indeed the reference.
Douglas Tanner says, "Best show"
Takahisa Kandori says, "I miss it. I kinda liked the last episodes"
Takahisa Kandori says, "But I wish it had gone longer"
Takahisa Kandori says, "Also I wish the Goosebumps show had covered more books"
You say, "they should make a new one now."
You say, "it's been long enough."
Anna Yoshizaka would soooo watch that over a Miami Vice reboot and all that crud. :/
Takahisa Kandori says, "God I'd love REBOOT"
Takahisa Kandori says, "If only"
Takahisa Kandori says, "IF ONLY."
Douglas Tanner says, "There's supposed to be a movie"
Douglas Tanner says, "Or somethin'"
You say, "if only."
Chizuru Ishigami says, "okay"
Chizuru Ishigami says, "so"
Chizuru Ishigami smushes cupcake on kandori's face, licks it off afterwards :|
Chizuru Ishigami has disconnected.
Tatsuya Sudou blinks
Belladonna returns
Douglas Tanner says, "Good timing"
Ginji Sasaki has disconnected.
Takahisa Kandori enjoys
Tsukiko Otonashi returns to her home planet
Tsukiko Otonashi enters the OOC Lounge.
Tsukiko Otonashi has left.
Douglas Tanner deploys helidaiklave
Douglas Tanner gets off his butt and goes IC.
Douglas Tanner has left.
Takahisa Kandori gets off his butt and goes IC.
Takahisa Kandori has left.



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